Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CT 265 Quashing My Lack of Inspiration (11/21/11)

I've been inside all day, watching TV shows and looking at other blogs, so to quash the un-creativity I felt, I started drawing as I was watching TV shows. When  I had watched all the Modern Family's I had not yet seen, I checked out my copious supply of bookmarked fashion bloggers and drew a few (unintentional rhyme) Here are some of the drawings.

Le Happy:
(actual picture this drawing is of)

La Vagabond Dame:
(Post this drawing is from)

I drew more as well, but these were the ones I was most proud of. 
Hope you're all having a lovely week off (if you get a week off for thanksgiving) and I will see you again tomorrow. :)
Keep Keeping 
<3 xo Maya

Monday, November 21, 2011

CT 264 My impulsiveness+Cutting my own hair=BANGS (11/14/11)

The other day, after watching New Girl I decided that I really wanted bangs like Zooey Deschanel. She's so gorgeous I couldn't help wishing I looked like her. unfortunately, because I cut my own hair, it was very easy for me to just cut off bangs after I took a shower. Which, in fact, is exactly what I did. Luckily, after I realized that curly bangs were not going to do it for me, I noticed that I had a hair straightener and I could, in fact, straighten my hair, which I did. I tied a bow in my hair, threw on some comically large glasses, and I was set to go to school.

<3 Love you all my lovelies
keep keeping

Friday, November 18, 2011

CT 263 Patterns a Plenty (11/7/11)

I love this sweater material dress! I feel so fall-y in it. It makes me happy since fall is lovely. The leaves turning colors and falling so that you can jump on them and hear the little crunching noise beneath your feet? ahhh. I love the fall. Although I was freezing while these photos were being taken, it was worth it since they turned out so cool!
Alright. Hope you're all having a lovely week and I'M ALMOST CAUGHT UP. ONE MORE POST AND I'M FIIIINNNAAALLLYYY caught up. Yes. 
Alright, hopefully you're having a less stressful week before break without a huge essay question test for history or a graded class discussion in English along with a four hour practice for the musical.
<3 Maya

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CT 262 Plaid Collar. (11/3/11)

It's very cold today, but I wore a skirt and blazer none-the-less. I tend to do that. Not care about the weather, I mean. I'm actually very used to being cold now. If I wear a sweatshirt (on the weekends or something) I get extremely hot walking around. I'm too used to wearing thin sweaters even in mid-winter.
Anyway, I have been coveting detachable collars for a while now, and I finally just cut the collar off of one of my old collared shirts that I don't wear anymore. I think it was a good re-use of that shirt, since I never wear it and was going to get rid of it anyway. This FTBH post is really what got me started on detachable collars, and I can't wait to add to my collection. I have a great plan sketched out for a patterned, petaled collar that I'm super exited about. Perhaps it will come into fruition over Thanksgiving break. :)
Hope you're all having a great week!
<3 <3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

CT 261 Shadow (11/1/11)

This weekend I went to buffalo exchange, planning to try and find things for the dickens fair, and ending up spending a lot of money on other clothes and shoes. DAMN IT. This always happens to me. I swore I wasn't going to buy anything, but come on! Peter Pan collars and black studded boots? How could I say no? Here are a few of the new things, worn the next day of course.

Also, in the last two, I thought the shadows were hilarious. It was this perfect Time of day where my shadows looked extremely fat. They seem to gain and lose weight fairly quickly throughout the course of the day.
Peter Pan Collared Shirt: Buffalo Exchange/Belt:Thrift Town/Cuff Bracelet: Giraffe/Skirt:Thrift Town/Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Anyway- Hope you're all having a lovely week and I'll see you again soon. 
Keep keepin' my lovelies-
<3 xo Maya

Friday, November 11, 2011

CT 260 Princess Hair (10/26/11)

Although I was a bit displeased with my outfit today (I actually changed for these photos), I was proud of my pinned, headband-ed, and highly styled hairdo. This look wouldn't have come about without the hinderances of my hair. To be explained......
When I take a shower at night, I often have to sleep with my hair wet. Because I always wear leave-in-conditioner while my hair dries and because I move around quite a bit when I sleep, my hair is often TOO curly when I wake up in the morning, my curls looking a bit funky. Often I have to put my hair up and sometimes I even straighten my bangs so they're not too short. Today was one of these bad hair days. However, I was rather pleased with the results it yielded.

CT 259 Pattern Upon Pattern (10/25/11)

I love mixing patterns- Floral with paisley with polkadots with stripes with plaid with numerous other patterns. I hate when people say to not break style"rules" and I know this is said all the time, but all my style icons and pretty much ALL great style icons break the rules. FTBH almost doesn't go a day without breaking a rule, Dani and Bianca from Kastor and Pollux, Cosette Munch, le happy, Amanda Brohman etc. don't leave the house worried that they've broken "style rules". ANYONE and everyone breaks the rules and that is what makes their outfits unique and fun. I don't see how anyone can say and believe that there are rules that you truly cannot or should not break. It's crazy.
Just something to keep in mind when you're getting dressed tomorrow morning. :)
Cardigan: Thrift Town/Shirt: Goodwill Outlet/Scarf:Vintage/Pants:Thrift Town/Boots: Wanted from Delia*s
alright, remember to break some rules :)
keep keepin'
xo Maya

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CT 258 It's Fall and the Leaves are Orange (10/18/11)

Ah fall! It's finally here!
After months of sporadically warm/cold weather, it was awesome to have an actual FALL day. Although I can imagine it will probably not stay for long, it was nice none-the-less.

sweater dress: Urban Outfitters/belt: Thrift Town/Skirt:Crossroads/Sweater Tights:Tahoe/Shoes:f21

I'll try to write more in later posts, but for now I have a science test I've gotta study for! :)
<3 Maya

Monday, November 7, 2011

CT 257 Maker Faire (10/16/11)

Today we went to the mini maker faire.
I can't write much now, but I can just say- it was awesome!
It was SO fun! There were some awesome bikes, tech-y stuff, jewelry, and lot's of other artists. I really like this one woman- a collage journalist named Erin Partridge. You should check out her website; her stuff is awesome!
Apart from that I got some cool photos- check them out!