Saturday, March 28, 2015

Digital Journaling

I have all these photos that I want to put in my journal, but I'm never quite sure how to put in photos, but also make it artsy and a journal still. So I started thinking about magazines and online magazines and while feeling stuck with journaling, tried a new medium--digital journaling. I'm actually really into it! I wanna make a digital journal now! I got this idea with some of the photos I edited for this post, but this time took it a step further! I think I might do another one of these for my spring break photos too :)
I've been having a good past few weeks; Shoshanna and I hung out and tie dyed and did other crafty stuff, and now we think we're gonna have a booth at the spring fair together, which I'm really excited about! I've made some really cool projects for school that I'm excited about (more to come on that too), and Zach and I have been seeing a lot of each other. I feel very excited and happy!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


As I finished my last journal, I started looking around for a journal with different coloured pages. I searched everywhere online, I looked at stationary stores, and anywhere else I could think would sell journals and I couldn’t find ANYTHING like what I was looking for. I wanted something with multiple coloured pages, without chunks of color. (like i wanted, one pink, one green, one blue, one yellow…. not a chunk of blue, a chunk of yellow, and chunk of pink. etc. I wanted it to alternate) I went into this journey expecting to find SOMETHING I liked…and NOTHING! So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I went to blick, found the coloured paper I wanted, and found board that would work for the cover. All of them were HUGE so I cut them up to make them the size I wanted (5x7). Because the papers were so large, I actually had lots of extra! So, I thought I’d start selling them on my shop! If you’re looking for something like this—I have them here in my shop right now. I just bought more supplies because I got orders over what I had left (whoopie!!) Now though, I have tons more than I have orders…so please buy some if you want something like this! Also keep an eye on my shop, because I have a few things I’ve been thinking about making…(a zine coming soon!!) Anyway, this is the last of the outfits that I have photographed, so this may mean less posts so close together in the coming weeks. I wore this a while ago…like weeks and weeks ago. I got these amazing earrings at thrift town when I went with my new friend (!!) and spent way too much money, and found really cool stuff! (The shirt and Skirt from the Jamba Juice outfits, and many others!) We also tie dyed together and drew on I have a post of that coming soon too!
To see a video of this journal, look here (my new art only tumblr!!)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Walking Advertisement

So, in the last post I said I was really into red lately..that was not a joke... The past few outfits I've worn to school have been either entirely red or based on a red piece. I recently found this amazing red hat at Thrift Town. I realized I didn't take any photos of the front, but it says something like "Burnadette's 2012 Bachelorette Party", which is really the greatest...Speaking of hats! I recently made this Loser Hat, which I put on my online shop, which by the way! I have! It already got sold, but I'm thinking I might selling more stuff online here, so keep your eyes peeled!
Both these outfits make me feel like a walking advertisement (hence the title), I got these temporary Jamba Juice tattoos that they normally give to children because Zach's been working there now and his boss saw me with a lot of temporary tattoos and gave me like 7 Jamba Juice ones lol...
These pants are amazing! My uncle visited for his birthday a few weeks ago, and he gave me these amazing pants, which he made as a teenager. They're bellbottoms, but I rolled them up a little to make them more ~skinny jeans~.

What does red make you think of? Why am I so drawn to it??
tryna figure this out still...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Riding Hood

I’ve been obsessed with red recently. I looked through my journal, and noticed a shit ton of red in it…which I compiled into a post on tumblr.  My aunt gave me this amazing red eyeshadow for Christmas (I asked because of this amazing photo), and I’m honestly obsessed with it. She also got me this liquid stuff that turns eyeshadow into eyeliner, so I’ve been able to wear red eyeliner too, (planning to re-create this amazing runway look someday soon) I just cannot get over red...I don't know where this sudden love/obsession came from! I have different colour tags on my tumblr like blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and RED. And they're so fun to look at! They make me want to colour coordinate all my outfits!
(Cape: Thrift Town/Top:Forever 21 (was orignally a dress)/Skirt: homemade/Socks: Uniqlo/Boots: Forever 21)
(I was trying to throw my hair over my shoulder here....)
I found this gr8 cape at Thrift Town; it’s fleece so it’s sooo comfy and looks so damn regal. I feel like a really strong queen. I love it. I was struggling with how to wear it, like I just wanna wear it on it's own, it's such a stand alone piece, but I think I found a look that goes with it. I recently cut this top--it was originally a dress, but it had become way too short as I am a growing woman and I was mostly wearing it as a shirt, so I finally just chopped it off. Now it's exactly like the black one I bought from F21 a while ago. 

Do you get phases of being obsessed with one colour or style or something? What colour or style? And what do you associate red with?? I want to know what's drawing me to it emotionally.
Hope you're all doing well!