Monday, October 17, 2016

Thinking in Yellows

Hey there! Just posting a quick update on a project that I just finished: making a two piece and my first pants out of a fabric other than muslin!! Im super excited with the fit and look of this outfit!! I'm also just happy with the fact that I'm getting better at drawing something from my head, and turning it into reality. Also; merging my textiles with my fashion design since I printed this fabric myself last semester. It's the same print based on my grandma's broken plate design that I used for the jacket I made for her but in a different color way.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and it's so similar to the drawing which is always a great feeling.
 An in progress shot of a weaving with my journal planning for this 2 piece and the printed fabric on my fashion sketchbook in the corner. I posted this on my instagram to show how many YELLOW things I'm making at the moment. 
 My journal page sketch of the outfit with a swatch of the final fabric.

I love how it turned out! Really similar to how I imagined it! I forgot to get a back photo, but when I do I'll add it to this post, the back of the shirt is super cute (as you can see in the drawing (sort of) it ties up).

I'm gonna try to be better about posting even small posts like this in the future. (I say that every time but this time I mean it (I think)!!) It really doesn't take long and is a great positive procrastination tactic instead of just sitting and watching tv or doing nothing.


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