Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thinking in Layers

So far, school is going really great. I have a very full schedule, but I'm enjoying it! Sometimes I feel I am more productive when I have such a full schedule because I literally have to be--every moment I have to being working or I won't finish. I've also been spending every minute of down time I have journaling which has been really great! I've finished a journal in just two months! I'm sharing some pages here and there's a video at the bottom,  as I always do when it's finished.
I think it was really good to take a breather from fashion--this semester I'm not taking any fashion courses. And I've actually been sketching so many ideas for clothes to make and feeling really excited about making at my own pace. The only problem is I have no time! I have so many ideas of things to make and no idea when I will get to make them. But nevertheless, I'm at least happy that I am inspired and excited to make things, and hopefully for my natural dyeing class I'll get the chance to make some clothes for my midterm! At least, I'm gonna try...
This was all written weeks ago from when these photos were taken, now it's spring break! and I finally have had a chance to edit these photos and get this post ready! I just went through some midterms and my junior review, which is when you present your artwork to a panel of faculty and alumni (about 4 people) and read your artist statement/present your work and they give you feedback! It went really well, I think I got really helpful feedback! I'll post photos of the review/some of the feedback I got/what I spoke about in another post soon... For now, this was my February:
Right: Ellsworth Kelly Head With Beard, 1949
From Red Twig Farm: we visited with my Soil to Studio natural dyeing class
Right: print I saw at the Codex book fair about how to make pizza down to how to grow your own basil from seeds! I thought I had the guy's card/name, but I can't find it! If anyone knows, please let me know!

Thinking about the things I carry around
My favorite book artist at the fair: this super sweet couple. See their books/buy them here

Right: Ellsworth Kelly...I'm getting inspired by more plant drawings! I want to draw more. 
Right: another anticham book
Marimekko print behind two amazing friends 

Yellow from Maya Gulassa on Vimeo.

I'm working on some really exciting projects and thinking a lot about where I want to go in the future of the stuff I make and even specifically what I want to do for my senior show in two semesters...I feel really really inspired right now. It's such a good feeling!!!
Also, I've updated my artist website a decent amount. So you should all check it out here. Only the stuff that's most relevant to me right now is up, so most of it I've already posted on here before, but be sure to look at it anyway. You can see my more perfected artist statement and a few projects I've never posted here.
I hope to post again soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wear the Color and Become the Color

I am back at school! Woah! It simultaneously feels like I've been away forever, and like I've been away for a day. I also missed almost my whole first week from the flu, which held me back a bit and made my first few weeks a bit off, but I think I'm back on track finally. I was really worried about coming back because of all the artists block I was experiencing last semester--I really didn't want to spend a whole other semester making things that didn't feel right or exciting and I even toyed with the idea of taking a semester off because I felt in such a funk! I am happy to announce, however, that (knock on wood) I'm feeling a lot better and more excited about making things again! I have two studio classes this semester and they're both really different than the studios I've had the past few semesters--one Bookmaking/Papermaking class and one class on Natural Dyeing. Both are so new to me that I'm learning a lot already! And the new processes are really getting me out of my funk because they really tie in with the processes I already know and I'm very excited to combine them! I feel very inspired!
It's gonna be a hard semester. I'm taking six classes, which is more than I have ever taken in the past, so I'm hoping I won't get too burnt out and hoping I can stay on top of all the work I have to get done! Also, everything that's going on in the world is terrifying and anxiety depletes my energy really fast. But I'm trying to be more active; to fight in the ways I can. Be energized by the fight rather than feeling overwhelmed by what I can't do. 
Shaker gift drawing behind me: Polly Jane Reed, A Type of Mother Hannah's Pocket handkerchief, Drawn by Father James for Jane Blanchard, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1851. Ink and watercolor on paper; H. 14", W. 17". 
Stepped On: Double cloth pickup woven rug I made displayed in the Text-Tales show. Text on the rug reads "heart hurt" all weft yarns were dyed with makeup. 
My adorable grandma interacting with her jacket on display at the Text-Tales show. 

I'm wearing more bright colors and makeup lately to fuel my energy. Wear the color and become the color. I want to continue this energized feeling I have! I need to continue to work hard and be making things as much as I possibly can! Speaking of which, I need to get back to journaling. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Warm & Bright & Strong

I am back at school! Woah! I am happy to announce that (knock on wood) I'm feeling a lot better and more excited about making things again! I have two studio classes this semester and they're both really different than the studios I've had the past few semesters--one Bookmaking/Papermaking class and one class on Natural Dyeing. Both are so new to me that I'm learning a lot already! And the new processes are really getting me out of my funk. I feel very inspired! But I will talk more about that in a future post, when I post things I've been up to this semester.
This past break was very rejuvenating for me. I got a lot of rest and had a lot of fun and although I wasn't sure when it ended whether or not I felt recharged, now that I'm back and after a brief sickness, I do feel reinvigorated and ready for school. I had my birthday, Christmas, and finished a journal so I have a lot to share!
1. grandmas hectic but beautiful kitchen (beauty in chaos) //
2. through a window at the botanical gardens //
1. a plant I bought for Zach that I had to buckle into the car when I was driving it home // 
2. my grandma has a key for how to do different smiley faces on the computer //
 // showing process of creating textile designs-- from journal page to pattern back to journal page //
1. new year new orange // I feel like just about every December/January I have to paint an orange // 
2. me and Ava at Christmas lunch. I have a specific color pallet I've been wearing/journaling in/making art with lately //

1. me and my grandma--both wearing the powerful yellow (she's wearing the jacket I made her--more photos in this post) //
2. "Yellow is strong and bold and bright and warm. Yellow may be my inspiration in 2017." 
// vulnerability and strength, positivity and strength //

1. floral pattern in the background of my outfit selfie is a pattern I've been working on over this break--working with different color ways--hopefully I'll print it on fabric soon! //
2. Sol Le Witt's artwork from the SFMOMA //
1. from my trip to Monterey, in the bathroom of a vegan Mexican restaurant // 
2. everyday inspirations--also from my trip to Monterey. I'm really loving royal blue with orange right now. and floral patterns now and always //
1. from the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Zach--the first image is of a bigger jellyfish eating a smaller one! they fed the smaller jellies to the bigger jellies on a stick! WILD //
1. inspirational Christmas wrapping from kid's paintings. also inspirational self-love thought--my aunt gave a gift to herself //
 2. a photo of two of my friends in an Aquarium both wearing the all powerful YELLOW //
1. a journal entry from my trip to Monterey with Zach painting the view out the window from the little house we were staying at. The quote is from Paris, Je T'aime, I have never read/watched anything that so perfectly described this feeling! I have experienced this exact emotions and never been able to put it into words //
// "Sitting there, alone in a foreign country, far from my job and everyone I know, a feeling came over me. It was like remembering something I'd never known before or had always been waiting for, but I didn't know what. Maybe it was something I'd forgotten or something I've been missing all my life. All I can say is that I felt, at the same time, joy and sadness. But not too much sadness, because I felt alive. Yes, alive"  // 
2. the main house and garden from the Airbnb we stayed at --inspiring and beautiful home //
1. an amazing rock I found (!!) with Zach in the background foraging for cool shells // 
2. a journal entry about forcing myself to make things and do exciting and fun things to inspire myself overlaid on and image from a beach in Monterey //
images my friend took from a cute brunch we had--Cantaloupe, painting nails, and discussing positive friendships and life plans //

1. "emotion motion" journal entry painted entirely with different kinds of clay/dirt //
2. clay on the beach in Monterey //

1. the centerpiece on the table from Christmas lunch at my grandparent's house // 
2. different plans of garments using a print I've been designing in all different color ways //
1. from the beginning of my journal this summer--now reflecting on my semester goals, and reaffirming some of the same goals for this coming semester "vulnerable/spontaneous/excited/questioning/creative" // 
2. (border) more rocks from my Monterey trip //
1. slivers of light, pops of red -- thinking about color schemes, thinking about aesthetics of 1970s crocheted coasters // 
2. Natalie at the SFMOMA // slivers of red //
1. New Years Eve-- a photo that feels so genuinely happy and fun (me and Claire drunk and laughing at a party of people we didn't know taken by an angel and ray of light, Hanne) // 
2. a pattern sketch from my journal that is so exactly New Years Eve //
1. a new tattoo I gave myself of a Mountain Girl that Eryn drew. when I get my shading needles in the mail (and after it's healed) I'll shade in her hair // 
2. more snippets of patterns designed in my journal //