Tuesday, December 24, 2013

candles and jewels and birthday offerings

So it's officially winter break! I can finally breathe (sort of) (not really) but it does mean that I have accumulated a good amount of stuff to post!
My birthday was last week and I got the cutest gifts from my friends/family. I built up my birthday for literally the entire month of December and I'm happy to say it was not a let down. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party (and I cried when I walked in the door), they made me a cake shaped like a butt, and just all of my friends were there and it was so lovely. People were asking me all month why I build my birthday up so much and why I like it so much. But honestly, it's really just my Birthday that I love. I love when people find things or make things that they think I'd like because that means they thought about me when I wasn't there. And people who put in the effort to remember it's my birthday even just to say happy birthday because they probably thought (even subconsciously) that it would make me happy to hear and having people show that they care about you by thinking of you is just so cute I can't even. 

This is an outfit I wore the day the Meadham Kirchhoff/Topshop line came out (I cry jewel tears for Meadham Kirchhoff clothes)
I found a place that sold blue lipstick
My aunt bought me some things from the Meadham Kirchhoff collection on Topshop and I freaked out for a good few minutes when she gave them to me
I made a little doodle book for my TPZ secret santa (they probably haven't gotten it yet, so sorry if you see this here first, secret person!)

My friend bought me this perrrrrrfect skirt when I was with her in a vintage store the other day. 

I got a package from my TPZ secret Santa (Tessa) who sent me an AWESOME package full of clothes including this rad dress that somehow fits me perfectly?? 
More birthday offerings from Claire

Emma made this adorable cactus garden for me!! She arranged the cactuses for me and everything <3

Leslie made drew me this rad card of me!!! and Tessa sent me the bracelet. 

Slightly creepy birthday offering from Claire. 

Happy Holidays you babes!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm Blue Aba de aba di

DECEMBER IS HERE! My favourite month of the year. It's actually been very cold lately (like in the 40s) (which feels like death to my Californian skin), my toes and fingers feel numb right now.  On the bright side that means layering! Which is always always a good thing. 
Here's a blue outfit I wore before the freezing weather came along.
x o x o 
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