Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Prom was last weekend, and I've been meaning to update! I had a really good time. I got my hair straightened and my bangs cut and I went with my lovely boyfriend and took some greattt photos with my best friends! It was suchhh an american high school experience, which honestly was just nice to have since the school year is ending. It feels a bit ridiculous and over the top, but also just so high school idk. In the light of it all being over soon, it makes the whole experience almost immediately nostalgic.
Anyway, idk I can't say much more, but here are some photos:
 Three of my fave babes+me
 My four best friends and our dates :)
 Madeline and I bitch facing 
 (why are my eyes closed)
 This is me and Madeline, who I've been friends with since I was in kindergarten. <3
 Natalie, Me, and Madeline :)
 These make it look like we're getting married. #springbridecatalogue
In fact, someone asked me if I was getting married on my way to taking photos.
my reaction to noticing Madeline taking to the upper right photo
Anna, Me, Natalie, and Claire cause we cute as hell
Left: Natalie, Me, and Madeline/Right: Me, Anna, Natalie, Emma, and Claire lookin gr8 in all pastels (totally accidental coordination)


Monday, May 12, 2014


eEp! It's been quite a while (again).
These are some photos cause I recently got running shoes and have been wearing them quite a bit.
Also I went to the Georgia O'keefe exhibit in the city with my family over break and realized my outfit matched a bunch of the paintings there??
It was such an amazing show, I felt like crying multiple times. Art just makes me feel so many things all at once, you know? I was having such a weird week because it was break and a lot of people were away/going to leave and I felt like I was having a preview of what college was going to be like and I'm so afraid. I love the Bay Area, so it was lovely to be in San Francisco out and about, but feeling like no one was home for me to hang out with made me feel so sad about next year. All of those feelings, plus looking at artwork that I've fawned over for YEARS was such an emotional experience for me. I intensely FELT the flowers. I feel so dumb saying that, or like very pretentious like I FEEL THE ARTWORK IN ME. But I swear I did. Like the colours captured my emotions so perfectly I felt astounded by that possibility. I want to create art that does that.
After the show, my family and I went to this great Spanish restaurant, which was like the best food I've eaten in a long time and someone on tumblr messaged me and said they saw me in the city, which was cool and made me feel really famous. It was a good day.