Monday, January 31, 2011

CT 28 Lots of Photos (1/29/11)

Before we begin, You will notice a new page up  there (^) You can see some cute drawings I did when I was little! Check it out!
On the 29th we went for a walk and there were so many beautiful things to take photos of!

The stop sign with the cherry blossoms look so pretty.
 I love these stacks of rocks. Beautiful .
 These are some interesting plants against the foggy/white sky.
 I love this bright green against the black tree.
 I love the telephone pole and the reddish leaves against the foggy sky.
 I love these magnolia plants in front of the shingled house.
I love these spiderwebs and the binder clip.
 These red and brown leaves look so pretty with the water in the trench made by a tire.
 Another pretty leaf and water picture.
 I thought this fire hydrant was pretty with the red edge of the sidewalk.
 I love these orange crossing thing. The cracks look so interesting.
 Beautiful green and red tinged cactus' and some pretty clovers.
 I love this rusty truck.
 A more close up photo.
 I rusty fir hydrant.

 I love the sidewalk and this little brown leaf. You can sort of see a footprint.
 I love this house with the ladder up the side.
 These salmon colored roses look so pretty against the clover.
 I love all these colors!

Pretty clovers.

Anyway, I can't catch all the way up because I gotta go, but I'll try to finish up sometime this week!

<3 Maya

CT 27 Cartoons (1/28/11)

I again, do not have this I promise to put it up as soon as possible! Sorry about that.


<3 Maya

CT 26 Broken Cup (1/27/11)

 I unfortunately broke a cup, but look at the way it cracked. I thought it looked amazing.
Two pieces of the cup. I blurred out the front one because I thought it looked pretty.
 The opposite effect here.
I thought it looked pretty in this  ceramic hand.
I took a photo of the next doors house with our trees casting an interesting shadow.

CT 25 Drawing (1/26/11)

Here's a zoom project I had to do for art homework, I drew my eye, and zoomed in on the tear duct twice. I think the pupil looks very real.

<3 Maya

CT 24 Photos (1/25/11)

 I took a bunch of photos this day. This is the mirror in the bathroom, I thought this half-face thing looked really pretty.

My eyes look huge here

Sunday, January 23, 2011

CT 21 Pretty Water Videos (1/22/11)

My dad and I were washing the car and since it was sunny outside it made these shadows on the dashboard  that were so pretty! We put a huge white pad of paper on the dashboard and took these videos.  (If you can't see it for some reason, heres the link:

Then we took a bunch of pictures as well.  I'm not sure which ones I took and which ones I was making the pattern for, but these are my favorites. Sorry there are so many, it was just so pretty!

 It looks like sand, like little indents or something, so pretty.
 It's like a stalagmite or something. (Which one comes from the top? I always forget!)

Look at the ripples! So pretty.
 More similar pictures
 I think it looks so pretty!

Cool melting look.
 I love this up close shot of the ripples. So pretty!
 I know I'm repetitive, but look how pretty that is!
 I think this is the only picture of me.
 Look at the shadow, so cool looking!

See the handprint below?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CT 19 Pictures (1/20/11)

(I wrote this on the correct day, but I had to wait to update the rest) I was so productive today! I went for a run and went up to the post office to send my friend her letter and then came back and wrote this and even caught up on some art homework! Then I took these pictures. It was nice to have a good afternoon, because I had a shitty day at school.
Anyway, here are the photos I took.

Phone poles are so pretty to me with all the ripped paper and staples layering on top of each other.

Here is a closeup of the papers layering on top of each other.

Another similar picture of the layering fliers.
Thats all for now!

<3 Maya

CT 18 Comic (1/19/11)

I don't have the photo of this actually, sorry about that. I sent it to my friend so I have to get it from her.

I'll put it up as soon as possible. Sorry about that!

Here it is! YAY! I finally fixed one of the many things I was supposed to update. :)

CT 17 Trees Photo (1/18/11)

When the sun goes down, the light looks so pretty just hitting the tops of the trees. Gorgeous.

<3 Maya

Friday, January 21, 2011

CT 16 Night Foggy Photos (1/17/11)

At night it was super foggy so we took out my camera and took a bunch of photos.
This was a cool long exposure shot with the light from the cars driving past and a telephone pole right in the front as well.
I love long exposure shots.

I love the way the headlights look so stretched out because of the fog.

My dad walking by in front of the headlights.

Another shot of the stretched out headlights.

I thought this picture of me was really cool, my dad took it and it was SO cold out.
I love this photo!  It's long exposure so the bus looks almost like it's going backwards.

Allright! I'm done for now. I'll blog again soon

<3 <3 Maya