Monday, January 28, 2013

Day of the Dead (also I love you guys)

A few weeks months ago I went to see the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Oakland museum. Overall it was slightly underwhelming because it was so small, but the stuff there was really really great. I absolutely love all the fake flowers and the Lady Guadalupe is my favorite, I love those tall candles too. AH! This makes me really want to re-do my room so much!
Also, AHHHHH I got to 100 followers! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much. I love you all. I'll do some cool like "through the years" post or something fun soon.
<3 <3 <3 <3

<3 all y'alls

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I dunno guys

So finally are finally finally over and life is back to normal (sort of?). I had a good long weekend though now I am completely exhausted.
This four day weekend was nice though, I got basically no sleep, ate tons of crap food, saw a bunch of my friends and caught up in my journal (trying to keep my new years resolutions). I had no homework since it was the weekend after finals and that is just completely amazing. My life infinitely better and more fun without homework. Even with school, like if we didn't have homework I could hang out with people on school nights and work on my journal and update this more often and just ugh. It would be amazing. Homework seriously messes with my social/internet/artistic life.
But I still have time for this stuff....(somehow..)
Beret:found in my attic/Sweater:F21/Overalls:Dungarees from Thrift Town/Fishnets:Costume box in my attic/Shoes:Crossroads


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Incredibly Frustrating

Recently (meaning this weekend) I've been going on tumblr and other peoples blogs while avoid the crap loads of work I have to do and I've become massively inspired, but it's already three o'clock and I have to write an essay, read an 100 page book, and write a self evaluation before I go to bed tonight, so I can't DO anything. It's incredibly frustrating that when I actually am in the creative mood (I want to embroider the shit out of everything I own and cover everything in fake flowers) I can't do anything because I know I have this shit load of work hanging over me waiting to get done, and FINALS are next week too and I'm just dead.
But being on here complaining makes me feel less like I'm wasting time (and I know I could use this time to create stuff, but I've convinced myself that since I'm on the computer I'm BASICALLY writing my self-evaluation right now...I mean, I have word open...)
Anyway: Here's some inspiration that I've been hoarding for a while and now need to finally put all together in one happy inspiration post.

I've been recently obsessing over two collectives Eva just started (both of which I'm sort of a part of) (in the feminist one there's a description of me in the "contributors" section)
First her teenage diary one and secondly her teen feminist/life one. I've been spending all my time ogling at the beauty and perfection displayed in these tumblrs and the knowledge that so many amazingly cool teenage girls exist on the internet and feel the same/similar ways about life/themselves/everything is somehow reassuring.

 Hollie's journal (she is perfection)

Hollie's perfect collage.  
Hollie's journal
 Source Unknown
 I know this is probably sorta gross to some people, but I think it's beautiful. (Source Unknown)
 My So-Called Life. 1994
 I don't know why I find this so beautiful, but it makes me want to cry, it's just so amazing. 
 Source Uknown
 My plan is to make something like this in my room. It's so amazing. I'm so enthralled by Day of the Dead shrines recently. 
 This just made me giggle a little. 
 Essine's glitter collage 
 Source Unknown (someone tell me because I love this...)
 Eryn's room. 
 By Dayzee
 Essine's journal
Flower's room (so jealous)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


AHH! So I can't really stay and chat long, as I have a history test to study for (starting now but I will just say a few things:
1. I was invited to join this awesome collective on tumblr, started by this lovely lady
2. I got actually the most beautiful dress for my winter formal and I'm sooooooooo excited (it's the really pretty beaded one in the glitter post)
3. I'm getting sick and I've lost my voice :(
4. I have a history test tomorrow so I gotta go now and study

So it's a day later (my history test went well, so yay! even though I barely studied...)
A few more things:
1. I got my DATE to Winter Ball (fucking excited as fuck) (I apologize for the excessive swearing)
2. This outfit rocks my socks (Which, to answer your questions, are Frida Kahlo socks, and yes, you should all be jealous (I also have them in red...sooo...)). I love when I wear something that I actually feel like is awesome. The ripped tights make me feel badass (as does the black lipstick and the ONE earring (like the way better and hip version of Ke$ha (is she still even around? I feel like she got big in like 2010 and then just went away...)))
3. I love that this bush of daises is still in FULL BLOOM even though it's cold as [omitted cuz I've already sworn so much in this post] outside.
4. The ring in my cartilage piercing makes me feel like a rebel
6. I'm still really sick and coughing all the time (which sucks butts)
7. I just was hottubbin' with my friends and now I'm super energetic, but now I should go to sleep because I'm sick and it's almost
8. Funny story: I am the least badass person I know. I have a RBF (resting bitch face) but I cannot help it! I try not to be scary, but all my friends say I'm definitely least approachable out of all of us
9. I'm making so many friends recently! It's super exciting and now I feel so popular when I walk down the halls and people say hi to me and I'm not invisible and it rocks.

AH! Happy post (despite being sick and coughing everywhere/infecting everyone)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Candles and Petticoats

So while my cousin was in town I decided to take her to Madeline's house and do a little photo shoot.
So far this break has been fun in that I've seen a lot of people, but I haven't done any art or anything yet. This sort of upsets me, like right now is the first real moment that I'm not eating, out with friends, or  hangin with the fam. I think I actually have the rest of the night working on my journal


Some New Years Resolutions:
-watch less TV
-read books
-do something in my journal at least 3 times a month
-buy less stuff for myself
-find at least 4 new bands I like
-make friends
-hang out with people more often
-blog less sporadically
-be less judgmental
-take more risks
-take more photos
-make my room one big beautiful shrine
-make more things! Do creative things!

Happy New Year guysssss!!!