Friday, July 25, 2014


Rocky came up with this title. Rainbrows. Cause I have rainbows on my eyebrows. #clever
I bought some of these things while on the Island in the kids section of the Pharmacy #typical (flower crown, stickers, etc)
I've almost finished up my journal! Only four more pages! Here are some of the best pages so far. I am so so glad to be almost finished, and I'm actually really happy with some of the pages I created. AH! When my feelings actually go onto the page in a way I want them to I feel so proud. Some of the pages are exactly what I envisioned, which is very rare. I've already got my next journal lined up, which is supppper cute and silver sparkly on the cover. EEp! Expect journal entries from that soon! I feel so good, so full with love doing art. God, doing art is so therapeutic and beautiful and important. DO ART! DO ART! DO ART!
Left: the first page of my journal. This year really has been all about beginnings and endings//Right: doodle and a playlist of what I'd been listening to 
Left: Free period painting doodles with angsty writings//Right: started out as a self portrait.
Left: Summer goals (as of this week)//Right: Reminder to myself
Things I bought on the island (look at the two rolls of washi tape!!!)
Left: Happy things; to remind myself next year//Right: being in love <3
The feels :'(
Left: Car journaling//Right: Outfit journaling
"I'll be okay/right?"
<3 do art <3

Thursday, July 10, 2014


ROADTRIPPIN'! I feel like this trip I spent almost more time in my car than I did outside of my car. But I am so used to driving in the car that these 13 hour driving days were not even too bad for me. I sort of like road tripping. I am an expert at sleeping in weird ways in the car.  This trip was so incredible! The world is so amazing and beautiful! I think I have officially seen the most amazing clouds in the world. THEY ARE JUST SO FLUFFY??!!  It was an amazing trip of awe inspiring beauty! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING WAS
These are my siblings! Have I posted photos of them before?? (sorry Max)
This seriously looks other worldly
Me and my brothers :)
Am I on the moon??? oh no, that's just Yellowstone #casual
We went ziplining, but then there was a lightening storm so we only got to do two of the four lines
"The world's got me dizzy again" keeps coming to my mind, I am so in awe of these clouds?? How? HOW? HOWWW??
Cute house we stayed at in Washington
I wanna dress to match this sunset.

More soon! I am getting a disposable camera developed as soon as I take the last 5 photos. Also I have an outfit post semi ready! 

I'll try to update soon. I hope you are all doing well!!