Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Made a journal entry
 My adorable grandma 
 My shoes+tights at brunch
 All my new socks. Fuckin' Rosie the Riveter socks. I also have some baddass Frida Kahlo socks, but I couldn't find them for this picture. 
Most people buy stuff for their halloween costumes at Spirit Halloween, but I just buy things to actually wear... SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BLACK LIPSTICK. 
Fancy ass nails. (it's just yellow+smiley face stickers, I'm not that fancy)
New Shoes with the socks from the halloween store. AWESSSOMMEE. 
New fake creepers+Rosie the Riveter socks
Overalls I got at thrift town for $3. They're full length and everything. SUPER amazing and soo 90's
My friend and I took the photos at homecoming (the theme was western, and we had her brother take a photo of us with our whole set-up. 
Black lipstick in the practice shoot Madeline and I did. 
Another journal page. I've been really into how awesome Frida is lately.
FROM THE FUCKING MATT & KIM CONCERT. Holy shit. It was the best concert I've ever been to. They were both so adorable and Matt was so smiley and they were so interactive with the crowd and it was exhausting, but ultimately AMAZING. I stupidly wore my creepers which were realllly uncomfortable since I haven't really broken them in yet and I ended up taking them off and dancing in my socks and then putting them back on but keeping my heels out and sort of crushing the back. But still it was freaking awesome. 
The t-shirt I bought there. I'm wearing it right now. 
Madeline at our practicing-for-homecoming shoot.

So I know that you can't hear anything, but this is awesome, because you can see the fucking party that I was at. Like Matt & Kim are the shit. They threw a ton of un-blown up balloons at us, and I caught one and blew it up and then everyone was like throwing them and bouncing them and there was also confetti and SO MUCH DANCING. And Kim walked out on the crowds hands and did a booty dance and it was actually just the best.
Madeline again at our practicing-for-homecoming shoot. We brought out the fan again for the awesome  effect it has with the hair. I love this photo. 
Me with the school photo background...These are the faces I pull...
Picture taken at the makers faire. Not awesome quality since it was taken with my phone (OH ALSO I GOT AN iPHONE WHICH IS ACTUALLY AMAZING SINCE MY OLD PHONE WAS LIKE A BRICK AND SUCKED SO MUCH)
THREE PIERCINGS???? (but then one got all infected and puffy and I had to take it out. The cartilage one's still there though)
Again my new sparkly shoes+socks. 

Video of Matt & Kim where you can actually hear something. I was totally that dick with their phone out who's so annoying, but also I was like, this is fucking amazing and I need to document it. THAT'S  JUST HOW I WAS RAISED I'M SORRY! Everyone in my family films/takes photos of everything if I'm not documenting something it feels wrong. But actually Matt was the best and he was just so adorable and smiley and Kim was fucking insane. She broke two cymbols. Like, what the fuck. But also, I actually love her so much. And they're just such the best. AH.

Okay, I leave you with that, a video of the concert I just went to and a lot of profanity and incoherent paragraphs. I'M SORRY I'M SUCH A TERRIBLE BLOGGER. I CAN DO BETTER I PROMISE (not really though.) So. Yeah.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Power Puff Grrrl.

Recently my mom and I saw this girl in a magazine with her hair in a similar style, the same way my mom used to do her hair. I kind of fell in love with the Mickey-Mouse-ear look they gave and was told by my favorite freshman that I looked like a Power Puff Girl both things which made me feel freaking awesome and super confident strutting around my school, ignoring the "really?" looks and imagining a world where I have super powers along with my two sisters and/or best friends as we fight against the evils of the world such as mutant evil broccoli. I decided my look was the Bubbles look, which was totally fine with me, even though as a child she was my least favorite. I'm happy to be compared to any girl superhero as badass as the Power Puff Girls. (Buttercup could kick some ass amiright?)
But enough talk about the power puff girls (Is it ever really enough?), and onto a bunch of pictures of me:

Bubbles from the power puff girls. Source Unknown.
Tavi Gevinson's box of plastic hair clips. So jealous. 
Rayanne. My So Called Life, 1994
 The Milk Club. I want that kitten shirt. adorable. I also sort of love her barbie head pin. I think I'm gonna make my own soon.
 Rookie Post.
 Unknown source. One of my favorite pieces of art-work ever. 
 Napolean Dynamite, 2004.
 Unknown source.
Kendra is my fave.
Lovin' her bitch face. One of my favorite Rookie shoots

<3 y'alls. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Picture Day

Madeline and I took some more photos in the studio practicing for homecoming and realized that her brother had this totally awesome speckled backdrop like a school picture backdrop. AND YOU KNOW WHAT IS LITERALLY THE BEST? HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOS (but not my real one).  Best moment of my life may be going a bit far, but it was pretty close. I mean, I was really excited...

These were mostly inspired by the Rookie Post, but here are some of my favorite school photos (fake or  real).
 From the lovely lady of Naturally Dapper
 from Rookie
 Fashion Pirate for Rookie.
Hanne. One of my favorite people ever.
 Meryl Streep
 Unknown Source
Britney Spears. 
p.s. Like the new layout? I did it myself! I drew the header this time. MUCH better. 
<3 <3