Thursday, April 21, 2011

CT 96 Why does my happiness depend on the weather? (4/21/11)

 YAY! Today it actually feels  looks a bit like spring! It is chilly, but it felt a bit more like spring today with the clear blue sky and the beautiful sunlight. I wore my new floral pants, a crop top tank top with a floral cut out pattern on the back, my gladiator sandals and LOTS OF accessories.

After school the lighting was so pretty, I had to go out and take some pictures. Since I didn't take any outfit pictures today because I didn't have my tripod when I went outside (and it is a bit more embarrassing when there are people around) I took pictures of my accessories. Here they are, enjoy!

Look at the lighting here! Summer is coming soon! 
I really like the blurred flower in the foreground. All the colors of these flowers were so gorgeous! Look at this light lilac/lavender! Wow. 
 I don't tend to like red roses because they've become so cliché, but this salmony-orange makes the roses more interesting. 
This grey-green and the purples are so pretty together!
I love the orange added to the already-great color combo.  It's very springy!
I like that you can see the little daises behind these flowers. 
I'm loving the pinks together!
Sunglasses from Granny's Attic
I love these earrings! They look so cool on this branch with the sky behind them!
Earrings: vintage, gifted from my aunt. 
The necklaces I was wearing yesterday are the same ones I wore today.
Necklace from the White Elephant Sale. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CT 94 Turkish Pants Are Now My Life (4/19/11)

I wore my turkish pants on the 19th and I am now IN LOVE. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They are soft and fit well and because they are so baggy are SO comfortable, I feel like I'm wearing pajamas. Lots of people complimented me on them and one girl said "I love those pants and I love that you can pull them off" (meaning that they looked good on me, not that I could take them off in front of everyone...)

Anyway, I love them and I just realized I haven't said yet, THEY ARE ADORABLE! I love them. I've been meaning to buy high waisted pants/shorts and these were perfect.

Shirt: Gifted from my Grandma/Belt: Thrift Town/Pants: Goodwill Outlet/Shoes: Platoe's Closet (brand:f21) 

Accessories: Necklace: Bought at Maker Faire/Shell Bracelet: Strawberry Festival booth/Charm Bracelet: Handed Down from my mom to me. Charms from jewelry/bead stores/Earrings: Homemade, fish bought at Dickens Faire/Headband: Scrap of Fabric from dress from Thrift Town 
Anyway, if you didn't catch my drift, I love these pants. I love the cropped bottoms and for those of you who read Seventeen, this is very "in" right now.

Speaking of "Seventeen" Magazine, I got it today and tons of the things that I wear normally are now "in." It's kind of cool because I feel like a trend setter, but it also sucks because I like my outfits to be original. What do you think? Is it better to start wearing things before they are trends and have them never become trends and still be original or start wearing thing and have them become a trend? Think about or leave comments!

Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful week :)

CT 93 "I Melt With You" (4/18/11)

Who's that Pokémon? Its scissors melted over a stove flame!

My mom accidentally melted these scissors! They look really cool, actually.

Monday, April 18, 2011

CT 92 "You and I" (4/17/11)

I did a collage on the 17th, which I think turned out kind of cute. I was feeling like doing a collage, but I didn't really have an idea. I found this picture I took of graffiti on the wall of a bathroom and for some reason I though of this song called "You and I" by Ingrid Michelson. It is a great song. It's about this couple and it is sung in the point of view of the girl, though, come to think of it, the guy sings a few lines. The chorus is about all the sweet things they would do if they got rich like buy their parents houses in france, give everyone sweaters and build a house on a mountain, which, obviously, is the line I was most inspired by. 

This is such a sweet, happy song and I wanted to keep that feeling in my collage. I don't know if I captured it in your mind, but this is how I pictured it. I tried to stylize what the lyrics were saying and make it my own although I am pretty literal, I mean; "let's get rich and build our on a mountain making everybody look like ants" is pretty much exactly what I collaged. I really like the book pages as the sky because, to me, it feels more like a picture book illustration, which I somehow connect to this song. I don't know, I encourage you to listen to it because then you can understand what I am ranting about. 

Well, that's all for now. 
<3 Maya

CT 91 The Trees and the Sky (4/16/11)

This is all I did on the 16th. I rather like the photo; the lighting on the trees was really gorgeous and the faded sky looks pretty.

CT 90 "Now That I've Found You Stay" (4/15/11)

Ah, the pure bliss of watching Heath Ledger singing this song. (*sigh*)
10 Things I Hate About You is, and always will be, my favorite movie of all time. It's so sweet and it's set in the 80's-which is my favorite time period clothing-wise (although it is set in Seattle so they are more in the grunge era than the typical 80's fashion era that I love)- and it's got Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt (although Joseph has not quite got to the attractive stage yet, he still counts because he's adorable). That movie is such a classic. Who couldn't love Patrick singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (link to that here) to Kat and she finally says yes to him asking her out (that is where the quote in the title is from)? And this scene? (*sigh*) Ah well, on with the post, enough with the ranting about 10 Things I Hate About You

AAH!! Spring Break is over and I no longer have the leisure time to post everyday. Today, surprisingly, I do have time to post and I am going to try and catch up. I'm not quite sure how I got behind during break, but I was very busy....watching Flight of The Concords... (just kidding, I did a lot of other things)

Alright, the the REAL POST: I finally got around to taking the photos of the clothes I got thrift shopping over break. (Which is what the quote is about, you know, finding clothes and stuff) Although these pictures were spread out over a few days, the first ones were taken on the fifteenth which I am counting as my creative thing for the day. 

70's coat
high waisted floral pants-side
I can't decide if I should cut these into shorts or keep them as pants, ideas?
turkish pants-front

turkish pants- side

Granny Sweater. I love this sweater, it's really warm and cozy. It's big, but I like it. 
Crocheted Shirt
Okay, I have not yet cut the suspenders pants into shorts, so I didn't take a photo of them. 
If you look at my spring wish-list I've actually got quite a few of the things I wanted to get :)

<3 Maya

Friday, April 15, 2011

CT 89 My Spring/Summer Wish-list (4/15/11)

I was on polyvore and when I thought to myself, "I should make a set of all the things I want this summer/spring"

This is not exact, they are all similar to things I want, or in the genre of things I want. There is a list underneath of the things I was trying to convey in this set. The numbers on the picture correspond with the numbers on the list below.

1. Crocheted top
2. Flowy floral top
3. High waisted skirts
4. High waisted shorts
5. Crop top tank tops
6. Vintage sunglasses
7. A floppy hat
8. Cute off white ankle socks
9. Sandal wedges
10. Clogs
11. Oxfords (flats or heels)

I'll post more later today :)
Have a good day! I'll model the stuff I got at the Outlet (yesterday) and the stuff I got at Thrift Town (a few days ago) and the stuff I got at goodwill (well, one thing) (today) as soon as it is all out of the dryer.

<3 Maya

Thursday, April 14, 2011

CT 88 Pulp Fashion and Goodwill Outlet (4/14/11)

Today I went to San Francisco with my friend.  We went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the Pulp Fashion exhibit. I wish I could post pictures, it was so amazing!  Isabelle de Borchgrave made all these victorian dresses out of paper. Click the link on the words "Pulp Fashion" to see the website and look at some pictures and videos of how she made it.  Some were made copying the clothes in paintings like Stanzione's Portrait, or people like The Medici Family, and some were her own creation. All her creations show so much work and time put into them, click here and you'll see one of my personal favorites. Isn't the pattern just stunning? And look at the hairpiece! Can you imagine the work that went into that? It's all paper. Amazing.  If you are anywhere near San Francisco and like clothes, fashion, or paper I recommend going, it was amazing.
I also went to the Goodwill Outlet, which, in Seattle, is a store where you search for clothes in giant bins and pay about $2 per POUND of clothes. Here, however, although the clothes are still in bins, you pay per item, which means it's a little more money, but still really cheap. I mean $2 for a pair of pants cheap, and it's Goodwill, so it goes to a good cause.
Here are the bins, it's really fun to look through all the clothes and fid treasures. After I wash them, I'll model them and post them. 
I scored an awesome 70's rainbow coat, a cute grandma sweater, turkish pants, these pin striped pants with suspenders attached (which I am going to cut into shorts), and a pleated top.

I tried to convince my friend to buy this and wear it to school, but she wouldn't. She did buy another sweater-vest though.

As for my creative thing of the day, I took this flower photo (surprise, surprise) and I am hoping to make a shirt today.
I love spring break; although I have been super busy, I have managed to do a lot of fun stuff which makes me happy. Although relaxing is good, I always end up feeling lazy. I usually like to be really productive during breaks and sleep and not be that productive on the weekends.

Hope you are all having a great week
<3  Maya

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CT 87 Spring, Alas, has not quite come... (4/12/11)

But we all wish it had stayed from last week! Where did the 80 degree weather go? :(
Ah, well, I am still hanging on to the whiffs of spring I can slightly smell in the air...
I'm not quite sure why I feel nostalgic about spring, since it's still happening, and, in fact, has pretty much just started, but, I guess, spring only counts when it's warm. Don't you agree? Spring is not spring if it's cold outside! The sky is stilled tinted with a little too much grey for my taste.
I was a bit hopeful this morning when I decided to make a sheer shirt out of this fabric I got at the Depot. $2 for a yard of fabric? I think yes.

 Here are the plans for my shirt-dress. I was hoping sort of an oversized t-shirt thing would be good.
 I am trying to show the sheerness of the fabric here.
 again, the sheerness of the fabric
I didn't have enough fabric to make it a shirt-dress. I was holding it up against the grain :P
So I made this shirt pattern on the newspaper. 
 I pinned it to my fabric
 and cut it out
 I sewed it together and hemmed everything
 and viola! We have a springy shirt that I will not wear again until it is above 65 degrees. Ah, well, it was a hopeful top. I tried to do poses that showed the sheerness of the top, but I ended up feeling stupid in some of them.

 The top looks good here, I think. As do I, if I do say so myself. :)
This one is blurry, but I kind of liked it like that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CT 86 Why can't we all be a little weird? (4/11/11)

Well, why can't we? I know everyone has that little nerdy/weird side that they are afraid to show. I like to show that in my rainbow suspenders and "nerd" glasses.
I don't see why everyone has to hide their weird side, sure some people don't understand, but those who do are the cool ones.
Fashion is my outlet for my weirdness, and I like to be proud of it no matter how many times my dad laughs when I walk down stairs. (he's proud of me, I mean, he has to be with his socks and sandals)

Anyway, here is my outfit today. Although we had no school, I was reading fashion blogs like Fated To Be HatedThe Moptop and La Vagabond Dame, and I felt lame going out so boring in just a plaid shirt and jeans.

Headband:bolt of fabric in my room/glasses:my grandmas old glasses, I took the lenses out/earrings:f21/necklace:homemade/shirt:homemade/belt:granny's attic (thrift store)/
sweater:crossroads (consignment store)/pants:f21/cowboy boots:thrift town (thrift store)

 In black in white makes everything look better. :) I love how dramatic my lips look in this photo because I'm wearing this bright pink lip stick/stain.
 Look how bright and pretty my lips look here
My beautiful back yard 
My beautiful front yard :)
Love the shadows here
I love this one! I photoshopped it obviously with th corners, but I love the photo  
I love these flowers by the Oakland Public Library.  The Rockridge branch has these cascading flowers that are so gorgeous.

See you all tomorrow, sorry if you are tired of my fashion blogging,'s fun for me and I am so inspired by these fashion blogs! Seriously though, look at my "Blogs I follow that you should too" it's almost ALL fashion blogs that I am now obsessed with. Like ftbh and Amanda Brohman

Monday, April 11, 2011

CT 85 Girl In CVS (4/11/11)

It's another style spotlight! Yay! I saw this girl in CVS and I loved her outfit, I drew this some other time, but I colored it and finished everything up today.

Again this post was inspired by the lovely ladies at