Thursday, March 31, 2011

CT 73 Pictures (3/31/11)

Such pretty lighting in the morning 

I accidentally took this upside-down, but I liked it like that....
also, notice anything different about my hair? 

You can really see the difference in my hair in this picture. I straightened it for the day.  :)

My hair in front of the camera in the car.  

CT 72 Tree Photos (3/29/11)

More tree photos.

CT 70 Style Spotlight! (3/28/11)

I've been very inspired lately by the fashion blog "I want to be her!" This and this are examples of her pictures, but this particular post was inspired by her cute drawings like this or this.

I saw this girl in Crossroads when I was shopping this weekend. She looked SO cute I committed the outfit to memory so I could draw it up later. Her boots aren't quite right, but everything else is almost perfect. I wish I could have snapped a picture, her look was so cute and I can't quite remember the shoes or the bag she had.

Anyway. I thought her whole outfit was just adorable.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CT 69 Outfit PIctures (3/28/11)

Sweater: Crossroads (thrift store)/Skirt: Fred Myers/Belt: Granny's Attic (thrift store)/Necklace: Mini Maker Faire from "the poet lady" or something like that/Socks:Crossroads/Shoes: Wanted from Delia*s

 I've begun to take lots of my outfits. I loved this new sweater I got at Crossroads (love that store! so I took some pictures)

Just a pretty picture I took of the tree outside that I was sitting on

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CT 66 More Outfit Pictures (3/23/11)

Dress: Platoes Closet (Thrift Store)/Belt: Platoes Closet (Thrift Store)/Cardigan: Target/Leggings: F21/Headband: A swatch of fabric I found in my room/Shoes: Delia*s Wanted Boots/Earrings: F21

This isn't actually what I wore today, but it was a better outfit to take pictures of in the rain. My camera got a little wet, but it was mostly stop/start so it only rained once while I was outside.
These were all taken in my beautiful backyard. I love that bright red tree! So pretty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CT 65 More Outfit Pictures (3/22/11)

So inspired right now, I had to use the tripod again and take photos of myself while listening to the amazing Beatles. :)

"I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your hand"

The best thing about the tripod, is I can do a photo-shoot thing without feeling too stupid. I mean I can act however I want without being embarrassed and just weed out the bad ones later and no one has to see them! There are some things I can't do, but there is always going to be something you cannot do with photos. I'm just happy with how these turned out! I got some really cool ones! I love the dancing one three down. <3 and...well, all the ones I put on here are pretty much ones I love.

shirt: F21/Skirt: F21/Blazer: Platoes Closet (Thrift Store)/ Headband: H&M/Shoes: Granny's Attic (Thrift Store)

"hey jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better, let it out and let it in"
 I look SO much like my aunt in this picture.  (Lise)

I was dancing to "Hey Jude" and my camera snapped some photos at the perfect moment.

Accesories: Earrings:Vintage from my aunt/Headband: H&M/Necklace: Vintage Fish thing/ Belt: Granny's Attic

Love these shoes! Such a good find too, I think they were like $5.
What is a photo-shoot without dressing up? I feel like a hiker from the 80's here. I mean, high wasted shorts, scarf as headband, T-shirt, those boots? Definitely a hiker from the 80's.

CT 64 Outfit Pictures (3/21/11)

I was very inspired by La Vagabond Dame to take some pictures of my outfits. Here are the results of a tripod, loud music blasting in my room and lots of inspiration.

Dress: Altered from a dress I bought at Granny's Attic (Thrift Store)/Flower: Given to me by my aunt I think.../Shoes: A gift. Wanted brand, bought from Delia*s

My head looks kind of big in this one, but that s because I took it from above sort of with my dad's amazing tripod.

Love the washed out trees behind me.

The brightness behind me also looks cool because I am in so much shadow.
The flower looks like it is almost growing out of my head here. So cool. :)

Love this photo! Inspired by this.
On La Vagabond Dames website, but it's a different fashion blogger. 

 I love these shoes!

AH! Sorry for the bunch of pictures of them.
 I was trying some more artsy shots with my mirror, not really what I wanted originally, but I really liked it all the same!
I love how you can see me in the background and the blurry shoe laces. <3
Taking pictures of myself...heh heh. 

CT 63 Flower Photos (3/20/11)

 My aunt brought me these flowers after my Les Mis show. They are SO pretty and go really well with our kitchen.