Monday, February 21, 2011

CT 50 Dress (2/20/11)

This is what the dress started out like. Really long, ugly neckline and weird shoulders.
 I made a good neckline.
 Hemming. Good shot to show fabric. I love the pattern.
Finished product!
Full body shot of the finished product.

I'm pretty happy with it. <3

CT 49 (part one) LOTS OF PICTURES (day) (2/19/11)

I did so many things yesterday, I had to split it into three sections. There are three sections Day pictures, Night pictures and collages.

Here are the day pictures.

I love that the background leaf is the one in focus.

The lighting is so pretty with the dew. Or maybe rain, not really sure.
I love this flower with the dew/rain on it. I love these flowers and their color.
 I love this shadow of a bike. Pretty.
This leaf almost looks pierced through the tree.

 I love the stain of the leaf here.
 We were at this really cool place with grafitti. I loved this one and it looked so pretty in this light.
 I love this photo of my dog. Do you see the flare from the camera under him? That was what I was trying to paint the day before with the red balloon in the sky.
 I liked this graffiti with my shoes in the corner, it shows how huge it is.
I like the wires through this picture.
I love this picture with the shriveled leaves.
I love this flower with the bricks behind it.

CT 49 (part two) LOTS OF PICTURES (night) (2/19/11)

I took so many pictures yesterday!
Here are the night ones:

Beautiful sunset reflecting in a little puddle from the day before's constant rain.

The clouds look so pretty here! The clouds were amazing all day!

I love the streaking of the clouds here.

I love the reflection it made on the sand. I forgot to straighten it in photoshop, so it's a little crooked, but ultimately interesting.

I love that you can see the sign and the car lights.

I love that you can see the yellow lines in the street and the sign telling he exits. Pretty.

I love how the stop sign looks here.

I love how it looks like movement here. I love what the sign looks like with the cars.

CT 49 (part three) Collages

This post is being split into three parts because I did so much this day (ahhh!!) and I didn't want to overwhelm you all in one post.

It's annoying because you will read this backwards, (you will read this one last out of the three I post... so I will explain more in part three. Which you have probably already read.  WEIRD.

 I drew this submarine and then took this picture that I took earlier and then cut it out to look like the sky was reflected in the windows of the submarine.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do for the background yet, though.
 These are little poems I made from crossing out some words and keeping others from an article.

They say:

I saw the loveliest of things

an flowers clinging to walls, no one ever comes here

I think He devoted his part of Death Then he discovered it would cost him more than was worth.

the approach known as life

the reason in blocks the sea still farther. A dirty smudge on inevitable counterpart.

fantastic earth fall southward into the haze

deep into Death but from their charcoal edged chaos

until you come and you fine me 

a burning gold promise

finally a worthy name of those almost after Death

overlapping echoes tramp far enough and you will come

a close awash in the waters, the shallow sea retreated

spring under sunlight

swaying sunbursts carried refuge for its scattered remnants and those lives should sleep in its shadow

the seeminlgy boundless barrier

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CT 48 Painting and Drawing (2/18/11)

I was in a creative mood yesterday, especially after waking up at 12:00 and realizing I'd wasted a lot of time, I got right down to it.

This is supposed to be my eye, but the colors aren't quite right for it to be mine.

I made the iris in color and the rest black and white because I thought it looked interesting like that.
Here is a painting I did of a balloon floating away. I love the contrast of the red and blue.

The little pink and yellowish thing in the corner is a flare from the picture, if you can't tell.

Friday, February 18, 2011

CT 48 Photos in the Rain (2/18/11)

 I went to San Francisco today to see the oscar nominated shorts (very good, by the way; I want "The Lost Thing" to win for animated and "The Wish" to win for the live action shorts, AMAZING shorts all of them- but actually I didn't like "Confession" just depressing and horrible, in my opinion the worst one, but it did have beautiful filming.) It was raining as it does in winter in San Francisco and I took these photos through the window.

I love this one because the rain drops on the window are in focus and the cars behind are blurred out.
 I've always loved the reflections the cars make on the street when it's raining and I love the traffic lights and the cross road.
 Another beautiful photo of the reflections everything makes on the street when its raining.
 Those blurs in the corner are the raindrops catching the light, but I liked how it looked with the dark sky and tree.
 This is at home actually, I love again the reflection the street light is making in the corner and I love the arrows on the ground.
A portait version of that scene. I like how you can see the trees on the edge.

CT 47 Photos (1/17/11)

 This is kind of dark, but I like it with a little light on my nose and around my hair.
I look a little weird in this picture, but i was tired and my hair was in a weird bun thing, but if you look at the right side of my head, my hair is glowing! I thought that was pretty awesome.

Pretty picture of the lamp in my  living room. Doesn't it look like rippling water on the side? Well...that was what my dad was going for when he made it, but I think he did an amazing job! It totally looks like that to me!

CT 46 Photos (2/16/11)

Silhouettes of the trees in my backyard. This is early in the morning before school.  That's why the sky looks like that
I love how the light comes through these leaves!

CT 41 (SORRY ITS OUT OF ORDER!) Outfit Drawing (2/11/11)

Another outfit drawing. I wasn't feezing, I was wearing sweater tights and a sweater, I just didn't draw them.

sorry this is out of order :( I can't figure out how to fix it!

CT 45 Panorama (2/15/11)

I printed out a bunch of pictures of the beach and put them together into a panorama.

CT 44 Drawing on Chalkboard (1/14/11)

Here is some stuff I drew on the chalkboard on my fridge.

 Mouth and nose drawn on the fridge.
 I really like the eye and eyebrow here.

This is supposed to be me, the nose isn't quite right though.

Look! I'm blowing you a kiss for Valentines Day!

<3 You all! Happy Valentines day! Hope you had a good one, better than my boring one anyway...

CT 43 Pictures (2/13/11)

 Me jumping off a sand-dune. My friend took this picture, but I loved it, so I thought I should put it up.
 Beautiful day at the beach.
Cute little house on the street.