Sunday, October 30, 2011

CT 254 WOAH JEANS (10/8and19/11)

The first few photos are from my aunt's pumpkin carving party (yes, i know it's very early, but my aunt's not going to be here for halloween, so we had it early) I made the catbus from Totoro! Unfortunately I don't have a photo, but I'll post one soon. For now, this is what the bus looks like:
Anyway, I was trying to be casual and warm, but also look nice. I think I achieved that happy medium.  So those are the first few photos (unintentional alliteration) There are also some photos from the 19th when I wore this same outfit to school. That is where the title came from since EVERY SINGLE person who saw me said some form of that. Obviously, I'm not one to wear pants often, if ever and the pants that I do wear are special (i.e. high waisted, not jean material, sheer etc.) So the reactions were because these people have either not seen me in jeans at school, not seen me in jeans in a while, or never before seen me in jeans. PreTTy CraZy for them...
I also subscribed to teen vogue and received my free bag on the 19th. (shown below)
Shirt:Goodwill/Crochet Top:Thrift Town/Scarf:Vintage from my aunt/JEANS: F21/Wedges Urban Outfitters (on sale!)
keep keepin' ma lovelies
<3 xo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CT 253 Bow Tie and Fancy Tights (10/7/11)

Swap these ankle boots for black pumps and my nude lip to a bright and bold red and I could be a secretary. As a secretary, I drink too much coffee, leaving a red lip print on every disposable Starbucks cup. I may strut around and splurge on every black stiletto I can find, but secretly I listen to classic 70's punk rock and adorn my punk makeup and a spiked and dyed faux-hawk on every weekend. Of course, carefully wiping off everything before monday and instead applying my meticulously drawn red lip and slipping on my black stilettos and my secretary persona, leaving my tights to be the only clue of my secret life.
Shirt:Goodwill(?)/Bow:Goodwill/Dress:Thrift Town/Sweater:Thrift Town/Tights:Mom's/Shoes:Tahoe
Keep keepin' <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

CT 252 Collared and Sleeveless (10/5/11)

It was pretty cold on the fifth so I layered this front buttoned, sleeveless, collared dress with a sweater and sweater tights. Paired with these tan oxfords, I think the look was pretty cozy, but nice at the same time. I've begun to pin back my bangs like this almost all the time. I think I prefer them to look like this than all crazy and huge.
Sweater:Thrift Town/Dress:Thrift Town/Belt:Thrift Town/Sweater Tights: Tahoe/Oxford Flats: F21

Friday, October 21, 2011

CT 251 Christmas Sweater (10/4/11)

As it is (finally) fall, I pulled out a nice christmas sweater I recently bought (well, my aunt bought it for me) and paired it with this striped banded skirt and a tied scarf. I was very cozy all day without looking boring, which is often difficult.
Alright! See you soon lovelies!
<3 xo Maya

Thursday, October 20, 2011

CT 250 Fall Is Coming (10/3/11)

It was so rainy on the third! It finally felt like fall. I'm glad the fall weather is coming out, though I wear a lot of things that are much too cold to wear in the winter. I still wear them though, instead of bare legs, however, I cover my shivering limbs in sweater tights and over-the-knee socks.
Hope you're all having a lovely fall so far!
<3 xo Maya

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CT 249 A Little Visit With Red Tipped Locks (10/2/11)

Unlike most people my age, I love visiting my grandparents, we always eat good food and play charades until we're all laughing and incoherent. I know I'm a teenager and I'm supposed to be all angsty and hate my family or something, but I really don't, and I think all those teenagers who do are missing out on something great. Though, it may just be my family that is this awesome. I hope not though, because I feel like everyone should experience the amazing family time that I do.
This time we visited I had my hair pinned up short and some of the ends colored red (with lipstick....another thing that makes me an un-angst-y teenager, the only time I dyed my hair it was so subtle that no one noticed, so for bursts of color on my less than golden locks, I color them with markers or lipstick...)
anyway- <3 xo

Friday, October 14, 2011

CT 248 Off White Wedges (9/28/11)

Today I wore an almost entirely new outfit from my little shopping spree with my aunt.
Today I am that girl you see riding the subway, reading a book or listening to music on her ipod on the way to wherever she's going. She's usually not with other people, preferring to travel alone while sketching in the margin of her notebook. At her stop she jumps up, note book under her arm and iPod thrown in purse and walks off the subway with purpose.
Headband:Scrap of Fabric/Shirt:Urban Outfitters/Dress:Urban Outfitters/Socks:Costco/Shoes:Urban Outfitters/Necklace:Craft Faire