Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Eep! Hey guys! I'm already back with a new post wowow so punctual. Mini life update: I just started signing up for classes for cca in the fall and I'm actually getting really excited. I'm trying to take garment structures and color translations and multiple processes as some of my classes which all sound really really awesome and I'm super pumped to start classes actually. 
Also, I'm in Yellowstone area right now! It's miles and miles away from home, and I've never been here before/I drove through three other states I've never been in before to get here. It's all very exciting. We went to the actual national park area yesterday, which was the most beautiful place I've ever been. I swear the clouds here are different than Californian clouds--they're so fluffy! I found these oldish outfit photos in a draft I've been meaning to add to, so I figured the cloud photos from Montana would be perfect to go with it. 
I didn't bring any good clothes with me on this trip and I swear I'm going through serious  withdrawal. We're going to Seattle area next though and I'm definitely gonna get a little shopping in while I can. When I was falling alseep in the car, I swear I was literally dreaming about the outfits I could wear when I get back. Also the clothes I can make when I have the skills. (There's a rad vagina skirt in the works in my brain that I'm pumped to attempt to make) Also runway makeup for when I'm a famous fashion designer. (These things are all very carefully catalogued in my phone)  and makeup! God...I haven't worn real makeup in two weeks. I seriously miss it. I can't wait to get home and off work and wear real clothes and do my makeup again ahhhhh. 
Seriously, how is any of this real?? 
I have a lot more photos of Yellowstone which will come soonish in a full vacation post. 
Anyone anywhere fun/beautiful for vacation? 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Graduate

I FUCKING GRADUATED! Not that I didn't think I would, just that this whole school year is done already and I have no idea where the time went. I'm sorry I've been so absent, and will continue to be for a little longer...My last few weeks of high school were crazy and awesome, and a lot happened and it was all very exciting and very sad. I started my newest journal with a cover page that just said "Begginings and Endings". This has been so incredibly relevant for everything that has happened second semester of high school. I had my last A Cappella concert ever, got my last year book, went to my last Day on The Green. Everything felt so sad, even like "this is the last time I'll poop in this toilet", felt somehow melancholy. I'm starting this new chapter in my life pretty much completely alone, and everything will be different. I have no idea what it will be like. I just started registering for some of my classes, looking at the course recommendations for a Fashion Design major, getting really pumped to design stuff, but also feeling so afraid realizing I will be going into these classes knowing nobody. I've known most of my best friends since kindergarten: KINDERGARTEN! I don't even know if I know how to make friends anymore. It's scary.

The A Cappella show
Natalie, Madeline and I taking a selfie at graduation
Me and my boyfriend got our faces painted like the artist ________ at Day on the Green
And his band played music (they were really awesome, I wish I had a recording)
My best friends!
I went to prom a while ago, and somehow this gem got left out of the photos I posted before. 
Left: Someone at my school put this in the girls bathroom, which I really liked//Right: Me and Anna at our schools grad night, where we went to Great America. Our school rented it out so we were the only one's there, and Anna and I rode one of the rides completely by ourselves
Me and Zach really suck at taking photos (this was 100% accidental)
Me and Zach and Will and Natalie <3
Me and my aunt at my graduation
Me and my A Cappella class singing the National Anthem at our graduation
My classmate Zane and I won "Best Dressed" in a vote from our class, and had to take photos for the yearbook; where we decided to wear each other's clothes. 
More pictures of me and my best friends getting emotional after graduation.

In terms of updating this blog this summer, I'm now a camp counselor, which is super fun and rewarding (morally and monetarily), but also COMPLETELY exhausting. Staying up until 10:30 to write this post is taking literally all of my energy. I'm going on vacation next week though, so hopefully that means I can update? And take lots of photos of outfits/my surroundings. I'll try and keep y'all updated in the coming week/I'll try and journal while I'm away (another thing I've neglected for lack of time), and maybe do a journaling post soon. Anyway, PLANS! I hope you're all having a lovely start to your summer/had an awesome end to your year. Did anyone else graduate?? Do you feel as much simultaneous EXCITEMENT and terror as I do?

Hopefully I will update very soon, until then, you are all lovely and I hope you have a great day!!