Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CT 182-183 Much Love To: Bebe Zeva (Fated To Be Hated) (7/18-19/11)

If you are a follower of fashion blogs, you have undoubtedly heard of Bebe Zeva (Fated to Be Hated), the (finally) 18 year old self-defined bete noire living in Las Vegas. Fated To Be Hated is the very sum of her existence. She refuses to conform to what is considered "normality" and instead dresses with a certain beatnik-esque quality, making her an outcast in several situations. She is "fated to be hated"; a beatnik among conformists, a goth among tourists, a strongly opinionated girl who always stood out too much to fit in.  A bete noire.

Although she feels the negativity and irony that she practically spews from every orifice is "fated to be hated," she has obviously struck a chord with many people- perhaps outcasts themselves, perhaps just people who can't help but be jealous of her ability to just be completely at ease with who she is (this being something that is so difficult for most people to come by)-having nearly 2,000 followers on her blog. 

As for her style: Although she tries to never dress the same way twice and certainly never the same outfit, she often dresses in these four categories: 

Teen Witch/Goth:
What seems to be her favorite style is Teen Witch, which consists of black on black on black...on black...on black...well, you get the idea. It is, I suppose, some kind of goth, but a more girly goth. It consists of more floppy hats, crosses, short skirts and veils than one would normally see on the "typical goth."It also doesn't include the more frightening aspects of goth-the spikes and black lipstick (though I'm sure Bebe is apposed to neither) for example, are not a part of the general look. Instead red lipstick, sunglasses and black socks play there part as important accessories.

Toned Down "Sweet Lolita":
The next category is a toned down version of the style "Sweet Lolita." An almost anime-like way of dressing, Sweet Lolita is a popular style in Japan where it originated, but has also become popular in America, where fashion bloggers such as Bebe Zeva picked up the trend. Bebe puts her own spin on it, still wearing the pastel pinks and peaches that make up the Sweet Lolita palette, but going with a less outrageous look; keeping the knee length, almost victorian-esque skirts and buttoned-to-the-neck, long-sleeved, ruffled tops in the closet and instead pulling out a more subdued, tiered, pink skirt and neutral blazer. 

Edgy, But Not Completely Dark: 
I couldn't think of a better name for the style that makes up most of Bebe's looks, though this name is more of a description. This style is not quite the goth look that she so deeply enjoys, but keeps the dark tones in, sprinkling color in here and there. Not completely black on black on black (although the black tones are most definitely present) again, it is a more repressed approach it's gothic cousin, but still retains the edgy quality that finds me so in awe. 

Girly and Colorful:
Again I had a hard time coming up with a title for this style, finally realizing that the reason all of these go so well together is because they all use color in a way that none of her other styles do. All of the above styles seem to have a resigned color palette (two consisting of mostly blacks). The color pallete for girly and colorful, if there is one, consists of bright colors (perhaps leaning toward mostly brigt pinks and turquoises) and camel. These looks tend to include high waisted skirts, scarfs, and brightly colored pumps. 
Bebe has one of the most diverse wardrobes I have yet seen and knows how to use each and every piece of clothing that she owns. If you have not already seen her blog CHECK IT OUT, she is amazing:

Here is my rendition of her witchy style:
Veil:Discount Fabrics/Top:Leotard from Cappezio/Necklaces: Homemade/Skirt:Secondhand/Belt:F21/Clutch:Vintage/ Shoes: Secondhand/ Socks: Discount Fabrics

My eyes look creepy in the Twiggy-like make-up Bebe almost always wears, but on her,  it looks almost cute; it reminds me of a baby doll.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I ordered these shoes from Ruche, and I was SO exited all week to get them. They are adorable oxfords that I just couldn't resist splurging on.
When I got them
not even just a little too small
I could not fit them on my feet. Once I finally got them on I couldn't even stand up without excruciating pain.
Oh and did I mention it was the largest size they stock?
I had to send them back.
They do not cover the shipping.
I just paid $14 for nothing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CT 181 Farmers Market (7/17/11)

Today my dad and I went up to the farmers market. There were so many gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables, that I couldn't help but snap a few photos.

Tasty Hot Chocolate

The BEST strawberries I've ever eaten

Me picking out some fresh and DELICIOUS peaches

My dad took a few photos of my outfit once we got home. I was wearing my new shorts and blazer from Thrift Town. 
Hat:Crossroads/Top:Moms closet/Belt:Brothers Closet/Shorts:Thrift Town/Blazer:Thrift Town/Character Shoes:SF Dancewear

With all the delicious fruits we bought from the farmers market and some amazing whole wheat flower I made this pie, who's crust was really crumbly and difficult to put together, but ended up being better than any pie crust I've made before.

Thanks to dad for the photos of me and the last pie photo <3

CT 180 "If I kiss you where it's sore/Will you feel better, better, better?" (7/16/11)

I had a lazy day today because of only getting 4 hours of sleep yesterday, but while we were sitting on the couch watching Family Guy, I took a couple photos of some ordinary things. I thought I should share them with you.

I later made a polyvore set. It is inspired by the song "Better" by Regina Spektor, which is also where the quote in the title came from.

Friday, July 15, 2011

CT 178 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. MIDNIGHT SHOWING (7/14/11)

My entire family got completely decked out for Harry Potter 7 Part Two. My mom was Mrs. Weasley, my  brother- Harry (seen below), my other brother-Voldemort, my brothers girlfriend-Ginny (of course), My dad-A Death Eater and Me-Hermione. 

The best part was we all got our costumes at thrift town so it was really cheap; my skirt and shirt and cloak were each only $2. Then I wore a S.P.E.W badge and a Gryffindor emblem. 

The lines were CRAZY! We got there two hours early and the line was already practically around the block. I saw my friend when we got there that said she had been there for THREE hours ALREADY (5 hours!) Crazy. We probably should have gone early since we had to sit in the front row (those being the only seats left by the time we got into the theater) But it wasn't that bad, I actually didn't notice after the movie started.

Anyway- here are some photos: 

I hope everyone goes to see it- tell me what you think!
<3 Maya

CT 177 Gryffindor Badge and Raining Buttons (7/13/11)

 I made this badge today while working on my costume for the last Harry Potter movie. The full costume will be shown tomorrow when I wear it.
I made this collage painting thing during the art class I have been helping in for the past four weeks. I used playing cards (spades and clubs) to make the tree and flowers. I then sewed a button cloud and used water colors to make it raining colors on the otherwise monochrome landscape. 
See you soon <3 

Monday, July 11, 2011

CT 175 Lotsa Florals and New Shorts (7/11/11)

Today was much too cold for a day in June. Although we all know I dislike cold weather very much, this, I suppose, was a welcome break from the usual sticky warmth that we've had for the past weeks.
I am a bit upset with the weather, since it's supposed to be SUMMER. (*sigh*) I suppose this just gives me a reason to wear my new blazers from my shopping spree at Thrift Town yesterday.
But, enough with the endless babbling about the weather (funny that the weather is normally a small talk topic, yet I use it as a subject for almost every post) and on with the post.
Today's outfit choice was a rebellion against the weather (again a reference to the weather); what with it's floral prints and simply the aura of springtime in my jean skirt and capped sleeves.
Glasses: My Grandma's/Bow:Scrap of Fabric/Shirt:Homemade/Necklace: Craft Fare/Belt:Goodwill/Skirt:Fred Meyer/Faded Floral Tights:F21/Boots:Wanted

Another great find from Thrift Town were these amazing HUGE, stretchy shorts which, when taken in and hemmed, were adorable. Don't be surprised if you see these puppies in a outfit post in the near future.