Monday, September 26, 2011

CT 243 Victorian Shoulders (9/20/11)

It was ridiculously hot today. In english I couldn't even stand to wear my sheer top and I kept wishing I was not wearing a felt hat. It was so sweaty in that crowded classroom, my glasses were slipping down my nose. On the plus side, I have developed a twitch to push up my glasses and even when I'm not wearing them, which, I'm sure you can imagine, looks pretty cool. (Extreme sarcasm)
Other than the overheating, I loved aspects of my outfit today. I love my new felt hat-it's color is perfect, especially with this mustard/brown skirt. And, of course, I love this shirt thing. It's sheer and polka dotted, so that is automatically amazing. And, like the polka dotted pants I wore, it was originally a pajama and, according to FTBH, that's kind-of the best thing in the world.
As for the title, I think the gathered shoulders make me look almost Victorian, which, of course, I couldn't adore more.
Hat:Target/Lensless Glasses:Thrift Town/Earrings:Sweet Dreams/Tube Top:Clothes Swap/Pajama:Thrift Town/Belt:Thrift Town/Skirt:F21/Bracelet:Handed Down/Shoes:Somewhere in Tahoe
And, as always, some flower photos. 
Hope you're all having an amazing, annoyingly hot week. Hopefully we'll get some fall soon.
<3 <3

And, as always, thanks to Dad for the photos of MOI <3 <3 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

CT 242 90's Dress (9/19/11)

Today I wore my maxi-dress that I got at Thrift Town the other day. Combined with these glasses, pinned back bangs, thick belt and oxfords, the look became my own.
This weather has been crazy lately, I was actually burning up in this dress today. I am so ready for fall, what's with this crazy 80 degree week?? Ugh, where was this in JULY when it was raining? (*sigh*) I just gotta live with this crazy California weather.
Thanks to Dad for the photos of me <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CT 239 School Day (9/16/11)

Today I feel like my outfit almost stood for school. There was something about it that reminded me of a studious girl sitting in the library- maybe it's the glasses, I don't really know.
Whatever the reason, I felt like a school girl today, hence the backpack as an accessory.
Shirt:Thrift Town (altered)/Belt:Mom's Closet/Skirt:Plato's/Tights:Thrift Town/Jacket:Embarassingly enough, Costco/Glasses:Thrift Town/Backpack:Urban Outfitters/Shoes:Mom's
Thanks to dad for the photos of me <3

CT 238 Fall is Here (9/15/11)

It's so gorgeous and fall-y in my back yard! I couldn't help but snap a few photos.