Thursday, June 30, 2011

CT 160 Part One of Jack London Square (6/26/11)

Because I have so many photos with Madeline I have to do this in two parts.
First are the photos I took of other things (not people I mean). 


Monday, June 27, 2011

CT 159 Jimmy Beans (6/25/11)

We went to Jimmy Beans this morning for breakfast (our families favorite restaurant) and I saw this girl with some of her other fashionable friends.
I drew it when I got home and colored it on the computer.
Of course this Style Spotlight is, as always, inspired by the lovely ladies at
<3 xo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SNEAK PEEK! (6/26/11)

Here's a sneak peak of what's to come in a few posts!
Not having the thing that SHOULD be posted as CT 159, I will show you something coming up. :)
Enjoy! (MORE SOON!!)


Friday, June 24, 2011

CT 158 "When I look at my city, somethings not right/no doubt it's so pretty/but they turned out the lights" (6/24/11)

Today, I wore this outfit to summer school.
It was a bit chillier today than it has been the rest of the week, but I wore a cardigan, so I was fine.
I really like this shirt, crop tops are really right now, and this shirt was originally long with a weird tie thing which I didn't like, so I cut it shorter. So it's partly a DIY top. Even though the flowered back isn't exactly red, in these photos it looks almost like my lipstick matches it perfect! :)

Bow:Scrap of fabric/Shirt:F21/Tuxedo Shorts:Goodwill/Bandeau:F21/Necklace:Craft Faire
song in title:
Big Ben by Jaymay

Thanks dad for the photos <3

CT 157 Faces (6/23/11)

Since the new journal has sewn together pages, it's not too difficult to use the whole surface across the two pages like the above collage. 
This particular collage took FOREVER to make; I had to go through all our magazines and rip out every single correctly sized face. And even when I'd finished it, I wasn't sure what to put ontop, I knew I wanted some kind of writing, but I couldn't think of a good quote or saying or anything. Then, just by coincidence, I was humming this song and realized it had one line that fit it perfectly! Regina Spektors lyrics always take a bit of thought to figure out, but they are always creative and interesting and, well, thought provoking. :)
She's such a great music artist! If you haven't heard her music, look it up on youtube, or create a pandora station for her. I love her music. The lyrics are...well...weird sometimes, but interesting all the same (as I said before)
Anyway see you guys tomorrow!

CT 156 Rainy Day (6/22/11)

I (FINALLY) got a summer journal and I LOVE it.
I filled quite a few pages, but this is the one I'm showing you guys
Although it's been warm bordering on very hot for the last few days. I drew this while thinking about things I love about winter.
<3 Hope you're all having a relaxing summer.

CT 155 Going Places (6/21/11)

Today I made a collage about travel. I really felt like going some place and seeing sights. Then I was thinking about how badly I want to go to New York, so I used the NY map to make this collage. Around the edge is a series of photos of me cartwheeling.

My family never travels, really. I wish we could go places, but it's expensive to travel. 
I would love to go to Italy though and Paris and, I don't know. Other places. I would just love to see the world.  That may be part of my fascination with maps, besides the fact that I just love how they look. They're so interesting looking. Maybe, having not grown up looking at maps that often, I don't see them as streets and parks and things, I just see them as pretty colors and numbers and an almost abstract art, in a way. 
Anyway, I love them. 
<3 Maya

Monday, June 20, 2011

CT 154 Urban (6/20/11)

This is the kind of outfit I think of when I think urban. When I think sky scrapers and graffiti I think of this.  I wish I had some dark shorts, but these light wash were fine anyway.
My dad didn't have a lot of time so we couldn't go where I wanted to go and photograph in front of some graffiti, but I like the stripes all the same.
Maybe if we have time later that will work out.

It's funny how easily you can make a mickey mouse shirt edgy. I just threw on some red lipstick, black and gold belt, high-high-high top converse, suspenders and a bow and I was ready to go.
Every time I wear these shoes, at least one person comment on them. You would think it would at least be sometime like "wow" or even "those shoes sure make a statement" that's the kind of reaction I would expect, but the comment I get is always the same. Someone says "wow, those must take forever to lace up" That's such a weird comment and I get it every time. Without fail if I wear these someone will say that. I suppose they're just trying to make small talk, but I don't know what kind of small talk can really come out of that. It totally reminds me of this comic. (A little difference: in the comic, the person is pointing out the obvious, but it comes to the same point)

Anyway, I'm going to go now, I hope I do more things today and I will post if I do.
<3 Maya

Sunday, June 19, 2011

CT 153 Today it Feels Like Summer (6/19/11)

Today we went to my grandparents for a fathers-day/graduation for my brother thing. I took these photos 
in my grandparent's garden and on the way there (the first six are from their garden the last four are from the walk there) 

My dad took these photos of me in my grandparent's garden. I was wearing my aunts old shirt/dress as a dress. and it has POCKETS. That is such a deal breaker for me. pockets. Oh how I love them. 

It was nice, today actually FELT like summer. I could wear a dress and not be uncomfortable. I was actually hot, unlike yesterdays dreary weather (although, I was in San Francisco all day yesterday).
Today was like a REAL summer day with ice cold drinks on the balcony and card games with family. With ice cream and cake in the summer sun. With sun hats and bowls full of grapes. It was great, we were walking home at eight and the sun was still out and it was that wonderful temperature where it is just a little cooler than your skin so you feel...fresh? I suppose. It's not cold but it's not hot, it's fresh.
It was such a nice day.
Tomorrow I have to wake up early to work at the summer school :(
But it will be fun, it's not the bad summer school where you learn math and stuff. It's the kind where you take cooking and ceramics and arts and crafts etc. It's actually really fun, I just hate having to wake up early. I am not exactly what one would call an early bird, (I woke up at 11:00am yesterday and 10:30am today) but I'm sure it will be fine.
I'm working in cooking and arts and crafts, which I have done for the past three years, so it'll be fun.
(I'm trying to convince myself that waking up early will be worth it...)
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Have a lovely, well-rested day-
<3 Maya

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CT 152 If it's summer, why is it so cold? (6/18/11)

 Today we had a birthday party for my grandpa/graduation party for my brother at my aunts house in San Francisco. I wore this old maxi skirt as a strapless dress. I love the pattern, but I couldn't figure out a good way to wear it as a maxi skirt and neither could my mom so she gave it to me to cut up and I was going to make it into a skirt, but I decided to try it as a strapless dress and I actually like it quite a bit like this.
I had decided to wear it yesterday, but it was a LOT colder and windier than I expected it to be so I was a little chilly on the deck and ended up wearing a blanket and a huge skiing jacket.
Dress: Old maxi skirt/Belt:Thrift Town/Hat:Crossroads

Photo on the way in of the bridge.

 Yummy cakes.
My aunt and her new puppy <3

After we got home I made this collage about my conflict with wanting to relax during this summer, but not wanting to miss any of it. "working to not waste time" meaning that I have to try really hard to not do nothing.
As for the summer plan I promised to tell you about:
I want to get a notebook and try to fill it by the end of the summer.
It's basically like what I already do on this blog, but in one notebook. That way I can have everything creative I do this summer in one notebook that I can look back on to see all my accomplishments. That way I wont feel like I did nothing at the end of the summer.
It will be a little different from this blog because not all the things I do will be creative, maybe I'll write a list of things I need to buy, what I want to do or clothes I want to get. Maybe I'll do a little doodle. Maybe I'll press flowers. I don't really know yet, but the creative things I do, like collages or paintings etc, will obviously be shared. There is a sale at Blick this weekend so I will get the notebook soon and start the summer journaling.
Anyway, goodnight lovelies
(and hello to my new followers! Sorry for the lame posts lately, they are usually better-well, this post is pretty good...)
<3 you all