Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CT 276 Either a Cloud-Like Wonder or a Day-Dream in Lace

Feeling lazy in the morning...and in the afternoon, and all day at school...and pretty much all the time is the bane of my existence.
I have got the 2nd quarter  blues. It's not quite far enough into the school year that I've got this burst of energy like at the last 100 meters during the mile, and it's not early enough in the school year for me to be excited about school, like that first bit of the mile where you deceive yourself into believing that it will be easy. I don't know what is with all the running analogies...I'm probably thinking about it since I haven't exercised in literally 4-5 months. Anyway, 2nd quarter (well, now it's 3rd quarter) and after barely missing a 4.0, I hoped I would get a very strong work ethic to actually do my homework so that this would not happen again....however
Being on here, you have probably realized that, in fact, no. I am still starting my homework ridiculously late. FML. I have no self motivation.
And now I must away to my three hours of Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal. Sorry to be so whiny, to make up for it, here are some pictures of a cozy and lacy outfit I wore for my first day of finals
<3 Xo

Monday, January 30, 2012

CT 275 "while i'm off chasing my own dream/sailing around the world/please, know that I'm yours to keep/My beautiful girl"

Song in title:
The Girl- City and Colour
Also seriously, I have SO much stuff on my inspiration blog! Check it out  HERE

A Late New Years Resolution

This blog started off as a "creative thing a day blog" and although I believe fashion to be a creative thing, I wish I had more of the creative things I do outside of just my clothing.
This year I pledge to try to do at least two non-outfit related creative thing a month. (I was going to say once a week, but there are really stressful weeks that make me feel like this will become something I will just drop)
To start this off, I'd like to show you this collage I've been meaning to show you for a while now. I started it sometime in November and finished it about a month ago. not because it's super good and I worked on it every day, but because I had one step left to the layers upon layers that I had, and I left it to about a month later. All in all, it was a 4 day project, not including the huge break in the middle.
This collage was inspired by Erin Partridge who I met at the Mini Maker Faire in November. I am seriously so inspired by her work, everytime I look at her stuff, it makes me want to make a collage.
Anyway, I was inspired when I saw all her stuff at the Maker Faire and decided to pull out my collaging stuff again. Here is the result:

Monday, January 23, 2012

CT 274 Shoulders

Hey guys,
This is how much I love you. Even though it's finals week and I'm madly scrambling around studying like a crazy-person, I still take time out of my day to make you a little outfit post. However, even just wasting this much time is stressing me out so I'll make it short and sweet.
Not much to say...this was from the first week back at school (I think the 1st day actually). Luckily, because I wore so many great outfits over break and bought so many/got so many new clothes, I had lots of great outfits. One for every day that week I believe :) More soon <3
This song is what the above hand-drawing is from.
Sorry this had to be so short, you know I love you guys, but I love my grades more, so I'm gonna try and KEEP MY 4.0 until after finals? Cross your fingers for me!
<3 <3 <3 Maya
also check out my tumblr, I've been adding a lot of stuff! (If you didn't see the post about my tumblr read my THISISME page, it explains my making a tumblr)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

CT 273 Furry Collar

Sometimes life rocks. Like buying this shirt. I was coveting it online for a while, but it was like $50 and it being such as short shirt and so little fabric, I didn't think it was worth it. Then, when I went to Urban Outfitters and they had it for $10! It was amazing. It took me a while to find something to wear it with.
Anyway, I can't speak right now. Photos?

Furry Collar: Gifted/Top:Urban Outfitters/Leotard:SF Dancewear/Belt:Thrift Town/Skirt:Crossroads/Tights:Target/Clogs:Crossroads/Bag:Crossroads
Love You All,
<3 Maya

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CT 272 Pants

My friend came over after school so, naturally, I made her walk around the block with me an take my photo. :) I looooove this first photo, I have to use it for something.
Also these pants:
They came from my aunt in the mail at least 4 months ago and I keep meaning to wear them and fogetting. FINALLY I wore them when I went Christmas shopping in SF with my mom. A gay man came up and complimented me, so LIFE. COMPLETE. hah, but seriously, I love these pants and Jennifer- I'm sorry it took me so long to post photos of me wearing them :P
Anyway, Hope you're all having a lovely evening. I am off to do my homework now so I don't end up staying up until 12:30 like last night...

Earrings:Buffalo Exchange/Bandeau:f21/Shirt: my brothers closet (then cut up..)/Belt: Goodwill/Pants:Goodwill/Socks:CVS/Shoes: SF Dancewear
xoxo Maya

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CT 271 Christmas Day in vintage childrens' FLANNEL

Christmas day! :)
I love Christmas I love the suspense- not knowing what you're going to get. I also love finding presents for other people. I love that search, like a treasure hunt. Anyway, I am wearing three new presents here :)

scarf *new*: My mom made it (!!!!), Vintage flannel *new*: gifted/Skirt:Crossroads/Belt:Thrift Town/Sweater Tights *new*: Urban Outfitters/Shoes:Jeremy's

Anyway, Merry Christmas! <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CT 272 Breakfast

Writing Blackbird lyrics on the napkin at the breakfast table. Deserved some black and white pictures

CT 271 Happy Birthday To Me! (12/20/11)

Here is a (low-quality- sorry) photo of my on my birthday. I'm serious. These suede shorts are AMMMMAZING. I wore them for like 4 days in a row! I'll take some better quality photos of this outfit when I have time (I have so many outfits lined up, it's gonna take forever to photograph them all!) Also the second picture is of my NEW PAIR OF SHOES!! I'm soooooo exited about these! Best. Birthday-Present.  Ever. I also got a make-it-your-self pin hole camera from my aunt  with both black and white film which I'm so exited to try out! Expect to see some film pictures up here soon :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve

One year ago I made this blog.
Though it didn't quite go as planned with some huge bumps along the way, like my iPhoto constantly f***ing up, I did it. And I loved every moment of it. So instead of stopping at the end of this year, I am moving on. Continuing to blog here, nothing is really going to change except that I'm going to stop posting "CT" at the beginning of each post, which is something I will not miss in any way.
This year I have a new thing I wanted to share with you.
First a little background. To be perfectly honest, I've always hated tumblr, just because I've always felt that no one actually does anything on Tumblr. Photos are re-posted and re-posted to the point where nothing is original. It also always bothered me that everyone uses "whore" or "slut" in their name, I just thought that was unnecessary. And don't even get me started on all the disgustingly cliche quotes posted by some teenage girl who thinks her life totally sucks, when in reality, it's just life, and she should get over herself. For these reasons, I never really got into Tumblr. Then I started looking at bloggers who had Tumblr as well as a blog where they posted original things and started to think of it as an inspiration blog instead of a copier's blog.
I am now proud to present MY tumblr. theclothingdiaries.tumblr.com. This is an inspiration blog, so don't expect anything of mine up there, it is purely for inspiration. I may dabble in the idea of putting a few of my outfits up on it, but mostly it will be my inspiration blog.
Hope you enjoy it- I've already posted some things up so check it out! :)
Happy New Year my lovelies!
<3 Xo Maya

CT 270 Suede Shorts

I'm sososososososososososososososo sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I've been busier over break than I have ever been not on break. I feel so bad because I was gonna catch up and everything. anyway. I know i know, the year is technically over and I'm done, but I'm still gonna post. (also I'm not gonna stop blogging, because I'm having too much fun)
again my iphoto is f***ed up so I can't get the next outfit off of that for a while so here is a not-in-order outfit :)
We went to the dog park to take my adorable dog for a walk. I was so exited to try out these vintage suede shorts I bought from Mars Vintage the other day when I was hanging out on Telegraph with my friend. These shorts combine all the things I love together: that dark camel color, super high waisted (actually at my waist, none of that right-above-the-hips crap) and NOT loose at my waist. I feel bad wearing so much dead cow, but it was gonna be dead cow weather or not I bought them, so I just went for it.
Glasses:My Grandmothers/Earrings:Vintage from my aunt/Shirt:Urban Outfitters/Shorts:Mars Vintage/Sweater Tights:Tahoe/Shoes:F21
Alright, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year! <3 <3
xo Maya