Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And all around us people slept alone with their dreams

EEK! I'm so excited I finally finally finally finished my latest journal. This one took me the longest any journal has ever taken me (looking at the number of pages over number of months). I got in sort of a rut in terms of journaling when I finished my last one. I think I just sorta was sad because my last one was really cool/good and I was worried this one wouldn't live up to it (it doesn't), and then I got really busy and got out of the habit of journaling at all. But now I've been inspired by my good friends at The Wandering (where I'm a contributor as well) rekindled my love for journaling. Anyway, I cranked out the last few pages and started a new one in the past few days. Now I'm super excited/into journaling again and I'm starting my "Positive Procrastination Program" where when I want start to procrastinate before homework with something like Facebook or Tumblr, instead I stop myself and make a journal entry. I dunno how well it's gonna work, but I'm hoping it will get me to actually do stuff in my journal at least once a week and maybe even on the daily. I'm super excited about this. Do you guys like journaling? post links to your journal pages/collages. It's actually my biggest form of inspiration. I love love love love this stuff. AHHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited to be back into this! This is the kind of stuff that makes me actually happy and it's so nice to feel that happiness again. It's beautiful and just so amazing and just eek. 
The cover of the diary I just finished (overall I hated this journal, but I do dig the cover...)
 Really really old entry from back in the beginning of the school year (september?) when I wore this.
 Cover page for February with pictures from Winter Ball and a playlisttt
  <3 Valentines Day entry. <3
 Cover page for January--I'm beginning to do a playlist at the beginning of every month 
 Spent over 6 hours on this puppy...probably will spend at least another hour on it touching up/making it look more finished.
 Bitchfacin' at Winter Ball. 
 My last project in art--painted with gouache <3
The cover of my new diary! Molly Ringwald and a crocheted doily with flower eyes and glitter glue? I think I'm in love...with my own diary...
title- Leaves in the River by Sea Wolf

Friday, February 15, 2013

single on valentines day (it's a party)

agh! It's been far too long since I last wrote here. Funny story: I have had 10 hours collectively in the last two days and also sleep is something I've basically not done the past few weeks. I was in the musical and we had our tech weeks last week and the week before and that plus the workload of being a junior is just like no. And then this week is the week before break so I've had like a billion tests/timed writes/track started so I can't photograph anything. Anyway, but enough with my excuses. 
EEk so it's valentines day (well, it was yesterday, but yesterday I had a buttload of annotations/analyzing to do for english so I just took these photos and didn't have time to edit/post them) and just eek. Even though I am single as fuck, I love valentines day. It's an excuse to wear pink on pink on pink and draw hearts on your face and no one looks at you funny (jk eveyone looks funny at me anyway) but still it's beautiful. Also it means my singing group goes around and sings love songs to all them lonely teens. Ugh it's great. Anyway, here are some valentine-y pictures.