Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Many Journals

When I went to the Rookie SF meetup, I couldn't decide what to bring; what was normal enough to carry around, but also allowed me to document the afternoon with accuracy? I knew I wanted to bring one of my journals, as I wanted to get Tavi to write in it. But I couldn't decide which one. This would not be a real problem for most. I mean, most people don't even keep journals anymore, and those who do probably only have one. But me? I have three. It's a problem. I have one, which is the starting one, the one that I've talked about on multiple occasions on here. The one I write in/throw something in to evidence what I've done that day every single day for a year as explained here. I would usually just bring that, that being my main journal, but it's a lot bigger than the bag I was bringing, meaning I would just have to lug it around all day. But while you ponder the practicality of bringing that journal, I'll explain my other two journals to you. Another I started recently--it's supposed to be my "SUMMER JOURNAL" as it is made from the book "The Music of Summer." What? What does that mean "made from the book"?? Well, my mother is a librarian, and she had the idea, after being inspired by one of my favorite books of all time: 1000 Artists Journal Pages, to use the discarded books and turn them into journals by gesso-ing over the pages and collaging over that. It was brilliant-- IS brilliant--so I decided to make a summer journal like that. Then we have my last journal, which is just plain, boring writing. Even I need to vent sometimes. Anyway, the dilemma was, which journal to bring? As my summer journal was new, I was in the honeymoon period with it, as it were, so I wanted to bring that, but what I really wanted her to write in was the one I do something in everyday. I guess the real point of this is not to tell you which journal I brought, but to explain the dilemma that having multiple journals poses.
Another problem is choosing when and what I'm going to post from my million journals. I don't want to overwhelm you with the amount of journaling I have done, so my solution is that I'm just going to post little pieces of my journal at a time. I wanted to just put a gif of my summer journal+my other journal pictures, but I think I'm going to put the gif and then the pictures that added up to the gif.
Sorry this is so long and ramble-y.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here's some fashion inspiration for your wednesday evening. Been obsessed with the eye-candy/style sections on Rookie as well as my normal fashion blogs and...of course, pining for amazing clothes on american apparel. Anyway, a lot of inspiration of late.
Okay, hoping you're having a lovely week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hoooolllly Shit.

GAH. GAHGAHGAHGAHGAHGAH. I just fucking met Tavi Gevinson. Also what the hell Anaheed is Ira Glass's wife. How did this happen? Two people I love in one coupling. GAHGAHGAHGAHGAH. < My I'm-freaking-out noise
BRB DYING. Also pictures:
She's so tiny. I look monstrous. 
Holy crap it's Tavi and a Kitten. How could this get better? Answer--It couldn't
A Tavi look-alike
Awesome ass foam headband
Me and Petrrrrra
Tavi's shoesies
GAH. that crown.
Me in a braid chain. 
Photo by Petra

In conclusion: best day ever. also. Tavi and an adorable kitten. Made my day amazing. holy shit just lsjbaioiwarufkwajislJklkcajasldkjlakjsdunavn;ljworieanr. I can't even write 'cos it was so awesome.
So many adorable outfits and cool people who wanted to look through my journal and told me how cool it was and Tavi agreed to look at my blog/sign my journal/take the postcards I shoved in her face. If I said anything it was probably just this garbled mess of like "omg hi sign please journal, yes? also postcards take my hands hand to you?" Amazing day. amazing amazing day. I met so many awesome friends and we're gonna have a Rookie girlz collage club before summer ends and I AM SO AMAZINGLY EXCITED. I loved everyone so much and I got like 10 phone numbers/facebook friends and aljguaigjlw;aljavcpwoitunrf. just aiwjeiauernwlkejdkl;k.
so much funnnnnnn.
xoxo Maya