Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CT 222 Out Of a Painting (8/29/11)

I know you've seen this dress before, but with this hat and shoes and the way I did my hair I felt like I came out of a painting. Which is just what someone else said to me as well.
I often get the weirdest compliments, such as the sheep-hearder compliment a few posts ago. This was another one I liked. "You look like you just walked out of a painting." I like that idea.

CT 221 The Bubbleman (8/28/11)

Today when we went to the dog park there was a guy with two fishing poles and a long rope attatched and used the wind to blow bubbles. Bubble seems so crazy and impossible. They remind me of jelly fish in a way. Like the way they move and their beautiful and almost unnatural looking colors.
This the simple outfit I wore to the park. I've never figured out how to wear this shirt, since it is really too short to be a dress, but too long to be a shirt. I'd never tried tucking it in before, which turned out to be the perfect solution. At the bottom there are also some cute photos taken at my grandparents house. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

CT 219 Jelly Fishes (8/26/11)

Here is a little water color pattern I made of jelly fish.

As you would know if you saw my jelly fish post...I'm a little obsessed. I just love how they move and how beautiful their colors are.

Hope you're having an amazing week.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

CT 218 A Bow and a Blazer (8/25/11)

Two days of school down 178 to go. (*sigh*)
To be perfectly honest, I don't want it to go too fast. Not knowing what on earth I want to do with my life after high school, I wouldn't say I'm prepared. Then again, I can already tell sophomore year will be hard and it's not like it gets any easier.

But to the real post:
No, I cannot yet drive, but I wish I could- I'm just not motivated enough to get the classes done.
This is my dad's car- A light mint colored Ford Falcon my family christened "Cricket."This is just the greatest car. I love it's rust spots and it's bunjee-corded gear shift, it's old-car-horn honk and it's window that only rolls down halfway. Watch out dad, because as soon as I can drive, this puppy is gonna be all mine. I'll drive it with my Raybans sporting and outfit a little something like this.
Hope you are having a lovely end of summer or beginning of school year.
And tell me, what's your dream car?
<3 xo Maya

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CT 217 Captains log: Day 1 among the students (8/24/11)

Today was the first day of school- it went surprisingly well. I'm actually happy to be back at school just to see my friends and stuff, and school-academically-was not too bad either since all my teachers were nice.
Glasses:Grandmas/Shirt:F21/Bracelet: Giraffe/Belt:Granny's Attic/Skirt:F21/Shoes: in Tahoe

CT 216 Overalls and Lace (8/23/11)

Today I went to my friends house and we saw "One Day" which was very cute (Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess) and after we went to my grandparents house for my cousins birthday party. This is what I wore. I got these sandals and shirt while with my aunt at crossroads and I am SO exited about both! Can't wait to wear them to school. Speaking of the unspeakable (no, not someone who works in the Department of mysteries) wish me luck in school tomorrow.


thanks for the photo stef!

thanks to dad for all photos but the last :)

CT 215 Unfinished Dress (8/22/11)

Today as those of you who READ my rants will know, my sewing machine broke, so (hah- sew/so!) here is the half finished dress I have done.

It is hemmed, peter pan collar-ed, taken in, and one sleeve-ed. Almost done. Although in this photo the hem looks very lopsided, let me assure you-it's not. Anyway, though it looks very close to being done- it's actually not. 
This dress can't be finished for at least two weeks, since I have to get the machine fixed. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CT 214 Yes, more patterns (8/21/11)

YES, the dresses are coming!
In the mean time- patterns? (*hopeful smile*)

This is the Illustrator version of the iPod pattern I did yesterday

CT 213 Patterns (8/20/11)

I know what you're all thinking- where are these fore-promised altered-dresses? trust me- I'm feeling the heat with only three days of summer left, but hopefully there will be one each day with one day to spare?

For now however, we have patterns! I've been a bit obsessed with pattern making since my aunts have been here, so I couldn't help but create these few.
This one was drawn on my iPod, if you can't tell

This one's probably my favorite