Monday, October 28, 2013


I feel like I've been waiting so long for fall. California weather sorta sucks. I wake up and feel like it's gonna be cold because it's so foggy I can barely see the trees outside my window, and it ALWAYS burns off and I end up sweating like a madwoman by the end of the day. Lately it's been STAYING cold (ish) though and I'm just getting so pumped for fall. Eryn did a fall post a little while ago, and I got inspired by that and started a fall folder. I also have been doing a lot of art that totally feels fall-y to me and works with all these photos perfectly. (They're all from my newest journal)

So there are a few different aesthetics I've been diggin this fall. First is this like black and white and nude sort of look. Black and white stripes or geometric patterns and little doodles.  
Left: Drawing I did of myself whistling/Right: Me being hella 90's layering like hell
Journal entry from last year.
Source Unknown, but this is what came up when I image searched it in google:
which I thought was nice and cohesive
Loser shirt. 
 Journal entry I did over the summer with Girls lyrics
Sketches I did when I was sick (again)
 I catch my tears in my journal because I am weird like that and I catch my tears in my journal for #memories amirite?
Journal entry I did very inspired by Gemma and Eryn
Excerpts from Victoria Selavy from ‘The First Book of Philosophical Sexts’ by Victoria Selavy and Stephen Michael McDowell

Mustard Yellow Pressed Flowers
This is supposed to lead into the next colour scheme/over all aesthetic. I've been really into mustard yellow these days. Probably because it's fall. I saw a chunky knit circle scarf in mustard yellow and could hardly keep myself from dropping the $50 for the the amount of fall that was happening in one article of clothing. Is it weird that I've been digging sunflowers/all pressed flowers in fall? 
Another journal entry. The left post-it's drawing was inspired by Claire
Left: my outfit from the other day/Right: here
Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

I can't remember the name of this green but the green in the image below is like SO fall to me. It's sorta grey-ish green. That paired with light nudes and doodles and plants. 
Gemma's Sketchbook (aka my dreams)
I really dig the tennis shoes with nice clothes and like these tight black jeans/I dig the pleated skirt+tennies look. also (Source) (kind of the source, they don't take the photos apparently and they didn't have a real source so that will have to do for now. If anyone knows the real source lemme know)
Moonrise Kingdom, 2012
Left: American Aparell/Right: My journal from this summer. 
Eryn's sketchbook
Across The Universe, 2007
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001
Another page from my journal over the summer (the photos on the left side were taken in Italy
A journal entry from the end of the summer

Orange Green Plants
Lastly I've been really really digging green and orange together. That and (again) (more) plants. 
Journal entry with found art. I picked up this stuff when I was walking home from the bus the other day (WHICH I DON'T NEED TO TO ANYMORE BECAUSE I GOT MY DRIVING LICENSE!!!!)
Amanda Jasnowski (collaboration with Jimmy Marble)
Sorry/You're Welcome that this post is so long...


  1. ughhh MAYAAAA how are you so perfect wow. I literally love everything about this post. You have like flawless style and your art is just so cool I love your journals so so much wowwwwww!!!
    Also all the pics from tumblr are spot on and fit amazingly into this post
    10,000 thumbs up <3

  2. You're amazing. You ooze creativity. Love it. Love everything. marry me!

  3. This is the most beautiful post I've ever read. You have given me so much inspiration for this fall- thank you so much!

  4. Maya you always inspire me with every post which is amazing because I've been lacking inspiration and motivation for a long time now. Since uni's almost over I can't wait to express my creativity again.
    Thank you for helping! xx

  5. ok firstly your outfits are TO DIE FOR I mean that brown skirt is gorgeous and I love the loser top...such amazing fall vibes, you are the first person to actually get me really excited about fall.
    also I may have just bookmarked this post on my laptop so that I can continue to be inspired by it every day. <3

  6. ehhhh this is amazing!!!! just all the vibes and the inspiration pictures!

  7. your comments about California weather are so true! I live in the bay area, so I barely even register seasons. love the excerpts from your sketch book!

  8. The layering in your first outfit is brilliant (as is your self-portrait)
    And the skirt in the second outfit is possibly the best skirt I have ever seen.
    Also, your journal looks lovely, the 'stress tears' bit was my favourite

  9. <3333
    obSESSed with the pictures of you in the brown skirt. You're incredible

  10. your journal is so cool and inspiring xx

  11. just stumbled across your blog and instantly fell in love. amazing!