Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! This year has been sorta crazy for me, and it's gone by way too fast.

As it's the new year, I feel like I should share some of the amazing moments of this year: 

 I went to the England and saw the Harry Potter Studio Tours
 I met Ellie and Ophelia when visiting England
 I finished these two journals
 I sang a solo in my schools a capella review//  I went to NCS with my track team
 I got accepted into School of the Art Institute of Chicago
 I finished my summer journal also. 
 I became a contributor for the Pulp Zine and debuted with this post^
 I finished an art piece for my AP art concentration
I finished another piece for my AP art concentration
I went to Italy with my family

As well as being the first day of the new year, it is also the third year anniversary of this blog! As a commemoration to the last three years, here is a progression of my style from 2011 to the present: 




It's been a fantastic three years, and even though some of the early outfits are embarrassing and what I wrote then is much worse, it's worth it to have something so well documented. I'm sure it will turn out like my journals, where enough time makes it funny instead of embarrassing. 

Idk it's late. I can't do much more talking, I'm too tired. Happy New Year!!


  1. Major congrats on all these awesome achievements! Your blog is so rad, it's totally fine if some of your stuff on the way was a bit cringey...

  2. Wow what a fantastic year it looks like!

  3. Brb drooling over your AP works of art

  4. you had such a radical year! I didn't know you were such a track star either! <3
    I've said this before but I really love your journals and omg your stickers on your acceptance letters is the cutest ahh I'm drowning in vibes

    Also the glitter flu photos <3 THE BEST

  5. Congratulations for everything, you deserve this all and more <3

  6. i so want to hear you sing!! this post just adds about ten million layers to the onion of grooviness that is you. my outfits from 2011 are a step below horrifying, yours are awesome!!!
    your year has been way too productive it's crazy.