Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Prom was last weekend, and I've been meaning to update! I had a really good time. I got my hair straightened and my bangs cut and I went with my lovely boyfriend and took some greattt photos with my best friends! It was suchhh an american high school experience, which honestly was just nice to have since the school year is ending. It feels a bit ridiculous and over the top, but also just so high school idk. In the light of it all being over soon, it makes the whole experience almost immediately nostalgic.
Anyway, idk I can't say much more, but here are some photos:
 Three of my fave babes+me
 My four best friends and our dates :)
 Madeline and I bitch facing 
 (why are my eyes closed)
 This is me and Madeline, who I've been friends with since I was in kindergarten. <3
 Natalie, Me, and Madeline :)
 These make it look like we're getting married. #springbridecatalogue
In fact, someone asked me if I was getting married on my way to taking photos.
my reaction to noticing Madeline taking to the upper right photo
Anna, Me, Natalie, and Claire cause we cute as hell
Left: Natalie, Me, and Madeline/Right: Me, Anna, Natalie, Emma, and Claire lookin gr8 in all pastels (totally accidental coordination)



  1. you all look amazing! I'm glad you had a good time - it's such a nice end to a school era<3 I love all you and your friend's dresses, and awhh you and your boyfriend are so sweet together! xx

  2. I love your dress and flower crown, you look beautiful! This looks like so much fun and you and your boyfriend are adorable <3 xo

  3. ah you look so pretty! <3

  4. Dress! Flower crown!! Hair!! Bangs!! Makeup!!! Everything about this is perfect!! Prom is such a quintessential high school experience, and even if you hate dances, I feel like prom is just something you don't want to miss out on, you know? Anyways, I seriously seriously adore this. More than life, wow.

  5. you looked amazing! you all did! total 100% dress, makeup, face...EVERYTHING envy right now. you are so awesome

  6. You and your friends look so stunning wow! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and your makeup is perfect! It looks like you had an unbelievable time, I'm jealous! x

  7. You all look fabulous! I love your flower crown and makeup. Hope you had a fantastic night!

  8. you looked AMAZING, ahh <3333

  9. love this so much! you look so beautiful and i particularly like your eye makeup <3
    i wish we took photos like these before our school ball but it's winter haha

  10. Your dress is so so so cute!!

    Can't deal with how perfect all your looks are, and how you kinda coordinate in a weird way but you're all different but sort of matching kinda but then also not IDK it's just great ^^