Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Eep! Hey guys! I'm already back with a new post wowow so punctual. Mini life update: I just started signing up for classes for cca in the fall and I'm actually getting really excited. I'm trying to take garment structures and color translations and multiple processes as some of my classes which all sound really really awesome and I'm super pumped to start classes actually. 
Also, I'm in Yellowstone area right now! It's miles and miles away from home, and I've never been here before/I drove through three other states I've never been in before to get here. It's all very exciting. We went to the actual national park area yesterday, which was the most beautiful place I've ever been. I swear the clouds here are different than Californian clouds--they're so fluffy! I found these oldish outfit photos in a draft I've been meaning to add to, so I figured the cloud photos from Montana would be perfect to go with it. 
I didn't bring any good clothes with me on this trip and I swear I'm going through serious  withdrawal. We're going to Seattle area next though and I'm definitely gonna get a little shopping in while I can. When I was falling alseep in the car, I swear I was literally dreaming about the outfits I could wear when I get back. Also the clothes I can make when I have the skills. (There's a rad vagina skirt in the works in my brain that I'm pumped to attempt to make) Also runway makeup for when I'm a famous fashion designer. (These things are all very carefully catalogued in my phone)  and makeup! God...I haven't worn real makeup in two weeks. I seriously miss it. I can't wait to get home and off work and wear real clothes and do my makeup again ahhhhh. 
Seriously, how is any of this real?? 
I have a lot more photos of Yellowstone which will come soonish in a full vacation post. 
Anyone anywhere fun/beautiful for vacation? 


  1. This is so wonderful Maya! The place looks absolutely beautiful and you're as cute as always! :--)

  2. your classes sound so cool ugh I'm a bit jealous tbh
    I get how you feel about not bringing nice clothes when you go travelling but these photos are srsly rad and it's great to see you blogging again :)

  3. I love the photos you took! Such a good idea wig he clouds on the shirt vs. the ones in the sky!

  4. Super adore this, the clouds on the shirt are so pretty and when compared to the sky, ugh love it.

  5. Nice top! Your pics are so cute(:
    Also, I felt like mentioning that I live, like, an hour from Yellowstone and I'm almost certain that your background on the picture third from the bottom is the highway going to my house. But who knows because most of the highways in Montana look the same, lol.
    Anyway, I like your blog a lot!(:

  6. soooooooooo dreamy wow