Friday, July 25, 2014


Rocky came up with this title. Rainbrows. Cause I have rainbows on my eyebrows. #clever
I bought some of these things while on the Island in the kids section of the Pharmacy #typical (flower crown, stickers, etc)
I've almost finished up my journal! Only four more pages! Here are some of the best pages so far. I am so so glad to be almost finished, and I'm actually really happy with some of the pages I created. AH! When my feelings actually go onto the page in a way I want them to I feel so proud. Some of the pages are exactly what I envisioned, which is very rare. I've already got my next journal lined up, which is supppper cute and silver sparkly on the cover. EEp! Expect journal entries from that soon! I feel so good, so full with love doing art. God, doing art is so therapeutic and beautiful and important. DO ART! DO ART! DO ART!
Left: the first page of my journal. This year really has been all about beginnings and endings//Right: doodle and a playlist of what I'd been listening to 
Left: Free period painting doodles with angsty writings//Right: started out as a self portrait.
Left: Summer goals (as of this week)//Right: Reminder to myself
Things I bought on the island (look at the two rolls of washi tape!!!)
Left: Happy things; to remind myself next year//Right: being in love <3
The feels :'(
Left: Car journaling//Right: Outfit journaling
"I'll be okay/right?"
<3 do art <3


  1. I love your journals! so inspirational as always. and you are so right...everyone needs to do art!

  2. Such pretty journal pages and outfit! <3 <3

  3. your journals are amazing! i love how you complete them; I always struggle to do so
    loving your simpsons jumper as well


  4. this is so a beautiful post, my mouth definitely dropped open a lil'
    your rainbows are lovely

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and it was love at first site, your pictures are so beautifull <3 <3 <3
    Pleeeaaaaasseeeee tell me how you made the header of your blog, bec. I´ve been looking for a program or so
    to create it and hopu you can help me, I´d be REALLY happy...
    Keep on blogging like this, I love it!

    1. i just drew it and then added font with photoshop.

  6. I love your journal, it is so creative and it is has inspired me to create my own! Also, flower crowns and rainbows are two of my favourite things :) xx