Monday, August 25, 2014


Summer is almost officially over, all my best friends are gone, my boyfriend leaves this Friday, and my classes begin next Tuesday. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. This summer has gone way too fast. 
Although I am incredibly excited for the actual content of my classes, I am so so nervous to have to try and make friends without anyone to fall back on. It's easy to make friends when you have people to eat lunch with everyday. I'm pretty terrified of being alone. Really since 2nd grade I haven't gone to a new place where I knew absolutely no one. I am so so so terrified and excited and overflowing with emotions to the point where I am in shock and can't feel anything at all. I'm just waiting for the wave hit. I'm starting school where I know no one and no one knows me.   I am lucky in a sense to know the area so at least I don't have that to get used to, but in another sense, I am so bored of this place. I think I need to get away to truly appreciate it. 
These photos are from the trip I took with Madeline and Natalie. Madeline, Natalie, and I have been friends since middle school, and Madeline was my first best friend in kindergarten. I have been friends with her for 12 years. How totally scary and weird to not be going to school with her this year. This was an absolutely amazing trip to go on together for the end of the summer. Going on trips in California reminds me how truly amazing this state is, and how lucky I am to be staying here. These photos capture the beauty of the beautiful state where I live and the beautiful people I have grown up with. 

We saw the cutest puppy on the beach!!
(literally purple rain?!?!?)

I hope you're all doing well, and your start of the school year treats you well. I've been journaling quite a bit, so a journal post will be up soon! With my friends all gone, hopefully more energy will be put into this blog, because I will be bored as hell and super alone. 


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  1. I can't even imagine making friends again, im so bad at that. You look so super red (like ur outfit) and cool, California sounds so magical and joni mitchellish and like fields of grass.