Monday, September 7, 2015

ISLAND LIFE (part 1)

So I know these are WAY overdue, but I've been so busy! I started school again and started my newest art project: a study in isolation (read: I'm lonely af). But! I got an amazing job working for this little vintage store actually really close to my school, which has been really amazing! I love the people I work with and I'm learning a lot about recognizing vintage clothes, fabrics, and identifying what era something is from or inspired by, which is such great knowledge for me to have! Anyway, with work and school and homework and seeing Zach, I've hardly had a spare second apart from sleeping! But finally, here are the photos of my trip to Canada to meet Eryn, Emma, and Maren!
For those of you who don't know, Eryn and I have been online friends for like 4 years! And I became friends with Maren and Emma soon after. It was so cool/bizarre/emotional/amazing/fun/dream-like to see them in real life!!!! I had an amazing time visiting the city, but mostly just being with these amazing people! This is gonna be a long post, but there are just too many good photos! I couldn't choose!
On the ferry
Meeting Emma and Eryn for the first time in real life
They took me to a beach right after they picked me up from the ferry and we climbed on the rocks and took photos of each other (still shocked to see each other in REAL LIFE)
This is me and Eryn at night walking around town; our skin matched the sunset (especially Eryn), probably because we were little glowing suns ourselves; so happy that we were seeing each other.
The next day, Emma was working so Eryn took me around town, into some shops and around some tourist-y places. Here she is with some flowers. 
The last time I was traveling, I brought way too many shoes and felt ridiculous, so this time I only brought two pairs, which ended up being a bad move, because my Tevas made me look ridiculous everywhere I went. 
Eryn and I have been planning, wishing, hoping, and dreaming that we would one day be able to hang out in a CafĂ© and draw together, so we did just that, drinking coffees, chatting or not, and doodling in our journals. 
Here's a drawing I did of Eryn from a photo I took earlier that day. 
These yellow flowers were in such neat rows, I kept feeling the need to take photo after photo. 
I could make a whole series of these: Eryn taking a photo alongside the photo that was taken. I couldn't stop taking pictures of everything that was happening--if I didn't immortalize it all, I might not be sure whether or not I had been dreaming. 
The picture on the left is a bit out of order: It's a shot I took of Maren later that day in Emma's apartment. The right is in the correct order (sort of), it's the photo I drew of Eryn. Her taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. 
The photo Eryn took of me taking a photo of her. At 12:48 apparently.
We walked around and I kept trying to find the right place to photograph her outfit: this one is my favourite, because the brick matches her bra. 
This could be a whole series too, Eryn taking photos of me taking a photo of her. 
This tree had the nicest light, but I couldn't get it. Eryn and I just stood under it, taking selfies/pictures of each other and trying to capture the speckling that was probably God telling us she approved and loved our friendship.
I was borrow this amazing necklace Eryn made (and she made me one very similar!! Which I've been wearing, like, non-stop??)
Me and Maren meeting for the first time in real life! This is us pulling back after hugging, checking to make sure the other is real. 
All together finally finally, hanging out in Emma's really hot, but beautiful apartment
We're glowing! So happy :)
We moved into Emma's really beautifully decorated kitchen to cool down and snack
Eryn's beautifully decorated room!
We went shopping at a few really cute shops. These are just some selfies of the outfit I was wearing out (wearing the necklace Eryn gave me!)
The next day, we went to the beach (here we are exhibiting great beach fashion)
Eryn exhibiting more great beach fashion
This is actually the first night, but I thought it was the best way to end the post. I love these girls so much and I miss them already. 

I'll try to post more as soon as possible, I'm sorry I'm so busy :)


  1. it's so cool that you made such great friends online! and even cooler that you got to meet in person. this trip sounds amazing

  2. Wowie I loved reading all the cute captions under the adorable photos! Meeting an online friend is so weird, I totally understand you - taking tons of photosto make sure it's not a dream - and the drawing you made of Eryn is amazing!