Monday, May 22, 2017

Tender Entanglements

It's summer! At last! Wow this semester has been so busy. Six classes and 24 hours of class a week (plus travel time plus homework!). I'm so glad it's over, I just felt so overwhelmed and at some points uninspired and overflowing with anxiety. But right now, knowing it's summer and with this incredible warm weather we're having; I feel super inspired to make things! This morning I went in to the textiles studio at 7am to do some printing...I feel so motivated and happy, which is incredible considering how unmotivated and lethargic I was feeling over spring break--what a shift. I think it's partially that I had a lot of ideas during the last semester that I never got to do and now I'm doing all of them. Partially though this weather has such an effect on my mood I just feel excited to be making things and happy to be journaling and screen-printing and sewing!
Anyway, this post is just an update of outfits/general photos from the last few months, I'll try to update soon with projects and finals/midterms I made this semester.

On the right is one of my new prints that I did already this summer! 

Text is from a message my friend Vivian (pictured) sent me, here she's reading a poem from the late 1800s for her presentation on impressionism. Right the shadow of this trash can lined up EXACTLY with this door frame and I just thought it was such a moment of tender entanglement between the temporal shadow and the Real World. 
Right: some socks I made recently while procrastinating: I got back into sewing fringe by individually sewing scraps of yarn onto things 

I've been thinking a lot about color lately, which I'll also talk about in another post: but I wrote out some of the thoughts I had in my journal about RED here. 
My good friend Rosa commissioned me to make her an outfit for her Senior Show. She's a potter and so I dyed these two colors with clay (something she taught me how to do!) The pink-peachy color is from the red clay pictured above, which we actually dug together.
Her wearing the outfit at her show, next to one of her clay shapes (all shapes were made with clay she dug. here is the link to her website where she explains the show)

Right: a gouache portrait I did of my grandpa over Spring Break (my only productivity)
I've been loving yellow soo much and thinking about meanings of colors and why we are drawn to certain colors more than others. I'll talk about it more in my colors post, but it feels so exciting to wear yellow. It makes me very happy. What colors make you happy?


  1. these are so incredibly gorgeous, i love it!!! And yellow is my no. 1 for happy feels. So glad i found your blog!! xx