Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CT 64 Outfit Pictures (3/21/11)

I was very inspired by La Vagabond Dame to take some pictures of my outfits. Here are the results of a tripod, loud music blasting in my room and lots of inspiration.

Dress: Altered from a dress I bought at Granny's Attic (Thrift Store)/Flower: Given to me by my aunt I think.../Shoes: A gift. Wanted brand, bought from Delia*s

My head looks kind of big in this one, but that s because I took it from above sort of with my dad's amazing tripod.

Love the washed out trees behind me.

The brightness behind me also looks cool because I am in so much shadow.
The flower looks like it is almost growing out of my head here. So cool. :)

Love this photo! Inspired by this.
On La Vagabond Dames website, but it's a different fashion blogger. 

 I love these shoes!

AH! Sorry for the bunch of pictures of them.
 I was trying some more artsy shots with my mirror, not really what I wanted originally, but I really liked it all the same!
I love how you can see me in the background and the blurry shoe laces. <3
Taking pictures of myself...heh heh. 


  1. Awh! Girl you are too cute!
    I am so happy that I inspire you :)
    Keep up the posts!
    xx natalie

  2. I can't believe you commented on my blog! that is so awesome! Thank you!!