Sunday, March 20, 2011

CT 53 Outfit and Pictures (2/25/11)

I've been obsessed with La Vagabond Dame (Click HERE to see her blog) recently and although I am not as chic as she is, I thought I would do my own version of her outfit pix.

This is one of my more casual outfits, but I liked it anyway.

Top: thrift store (Goodwill, maybe?)
Skirt: Homemade with my aunt's fabric
Sweater tights: Goodwill Outlet (the dollar bins, as we call it in my house)
Shoes: Toms
Headband: H&M
Belt: Granny's Attic (Thrift Store)

I love how you can see how messy my room is...oops...forgot to crop it out. ;P
 I loved this reflection of the trees on the back of our car.
 Love telephone wires! <3
These clouds are GLOWING. SO pretty!

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