Sunday, February 26, 2012

English Professor

Something about elbow patches make me feel like a college english professor. The one that looks over her glasses sternly and says words like "satirical" and "allegory" or talks about the clever conceit Omelas and how it speaks to the human condition. Or says things like "the denotation of a word almost always contradicts the connotation, that is, if you are judgmental like me."  The one who talks about how neologisms ruined the english language and how her student's anaphoric syntax is lowering her essay grades. Or talks to another student about how amazed she is with her pathetic fallacy and what an ingenious Hamarita she thought up for her protagonist. 

Bow: Present/Glasses: Grandmas/Shirt:Americal Apparel/Sweater:f21/Belt:Vintage/Skirt:Crossroads/Tights:SF Dancewear/Shoes:f21
<3 xo Maya

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  1. you are so awesome, dear maya
    xoxoxoxoxoxo your admiring aunties