Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Summer In Winter

I wish it were summer right now. And due to the crazy hours of Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal this weekend I missed all the lovely summer weather that was going on this weekend! :( :( So I channeled my I-just-missed-a-beautiful-sunny-weekend-only-to-have-it-be-freezing-on-the-day-that-i-get-to-actually-go-outside-and-why-is-summer-so-far-away-and-why-do-my-teachers-give-homework feelings into this outfit. Unfortunately my summery vibes did little to quash the hatred that I felt for the lovely weather being  on the one weekend I actually HAD to stay indoors, as, instead of sending off glowing waves of heat to everyone around me as I had imagined, I sat shivering in the corner of the room wishing I was wearing more clothing. It's alright though, because I love this shirt. SO much. And that's all that really matters, right?

Shirt: Urban Outfitters/Belt: Thrift Town/Skirt:Thrift Town/Shoes:Jeremy's
<3 xo Maya

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