Tuesday, June 12, 2012


What have I been doing in my absence? Well, the obvious answer is basically nothing, but I'll give you a little insight in to what the past couple of weeks have yeilded:
 ^Collage I made to go with this playlist I made when I was upset. It's twiggy's face with a moon and octopus tenticles over the starry sky...I don't even know. These are my emotions. In physical form. I guess. 
 Double collars! I was like, "what's something that I haven't worn yet in my closet? UM NOTHING. I'VE WORN EVERY COMBINATION OF EVERYTHING I OWN. Lemme just cut up this shirt and make it into a collar. You know what's hip with the young folk these days? two collars."
I went thrift shopping to combat the lack of clothing that I haven't worn in my closet. People are all like "you have so many clothes" but I really don't have that many clothes at all. You can always have more clothes. 
 I won a thing! for my art prints. LOOK AT IT. There's a ribbon and shit. 
 Deathly hallows.
 Black and white pictures cuz that's how I roll.
 I drew my friend for art class, cuz her face is so prettay. so much blue. It's like her face, but wayyyy more saturated. 
Oh look, it's my cast. 
Oh look, it's me getting my cast off

Okay. That is all for now. I'm avoiding studying, but I'm not to the lack of motivation yet where I feel like I can write like 5 paragraphs, so I just wanted to put up some pictures and be like "hah. updated. I did something worth while" I also really wanted to update with something else but my camera is on the fritz so I couldn't perhaps tomorrow?
Byeeeeeee (said like Daily Grace)
<3 xo (I signed so many yearbooks with "xo Maya", but I feel like that's a lot creepier than I was thinking it was at the time) Maya

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