Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blue lips/blue veins/blue the color of our planet from far far away

If I'm going to be completely honest and say that I photoshopped this make-up on. I very very much want some electric blue lipstick like this. I saw it on Bianca of Kastor & Pollux in this post and again in this post and this post and I am in love with the affect of the blue lips. Blue lipstick is most definitely on my summer To Buy list (also included is black lipstick). 
But I digress. What's happening with my life at the moment? Well, see that really bulky ugly thing on my left foot? Yeah, that's my ankle brace which you'll probably be seeing a lot more of in the coming month. Another thing you should get used to seeing are these hand painted converse, as these are the only shoes I can get to fit my newly un-casted and thus swollen foot. 
Also my doctor informed me that I am not allowed to wear high heels! An abomination. Not that it's permanent, but even still, I'm going to miss my high heeled beauties. 
Headband:Gift/Collared Shirt:American Apparel/Crop top:Urban Outfitters/Belt:Goodwill/Skirt:Thrift Town/Ring:Moms/Shoes:Goodwill
This was taken after my dad made fun of me for not smiling... 
Song from title: Blue Lips by Regina Spektor

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  1. Can we just stop and talk about how perfect this outfit is.