Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So these photos are super old; they're from over the summer when my cousin was in town and we we're just hanging out, you know, hipstering it up, being douches (this is my new thing ever since my friend told me that's what we'd do when we hung out), photographing each others outfits. However, I just wore this recently, so I thought it appropriate to make a post about it now.
Now that gig season is in full swing and it's almost break (thank god), naturally all my teachers are PILING on the homework like the assholes that they are (yes, they are all doing this because they hate me personally, okay?) and I've had no time for life or photographing or thinking or sleeping. So consequently my writing/speaking is a bit rusty. Do you ever feel like your brain is so tired that you forget what your point was in the middle of your sentence? Do you do that in the middle of your english class and just end really profoundly in the middle of a thought with "and...um..yeah"? Because I feel like I'm doing that everyday now and I'm concerned that my English teacher thinks I'm stupid, insane, or on drugs (though I think I'd prefer anything to the foremost)
So my birthday's coming up and I could not be more excited. I fucking LOVE my birthday. December is my birthday month, okay? Like yeah yeah, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, whatever...um...my birthday? Yep. That's what December is all about. It's kinda cool because this year I actually have school on my birthday. Why on earth is this cool, you ask?, well, now people bring me baked goods, and secretly plan a serenade for me (someone better fucking do this--NATALIE?) and what not. But I also have a freaking TIMED WRITE IN ENGLISH ON THAT DAY...this ruins everything. AND I have an A Capella concert, but that's okay because I have a mini intro solo so it's better. But still, I'm excited for my birthday. And I havea free seventh that day and I get to just hang and I don't have Oklahoma rehearsal after school. I dunno, I'm super annoying about this, but I'm really excited.
Anyway, I'm also excited for holiday-y stuff, like we're singing Holiday-o-grams with Troubs and we go around in classes and dance around in our super festive outfits and sing christmas/holiday music to different classes and it's gonna be awesome.
Sorry that I'm so ramble-y all the time about Christmas and like the Holiday Season and what not, but it's just so exciting! Eeeeek. Do any of you guys do fun stuff for the Holidays? Or any singing (because that is actually half of my life)?

Flower Crown: DIY/Neck Tie: Found/Fluffy Pin: vintage from my aunt/Collared Nude Shirt: American Apparel/Lace Shirt: H&M/Petticoat: Thrifted/Skirt: Jeremy's/Socks: American Apparel/Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Love to all my new followers (jezus this is awesome!)
Happy Holidays, I'll be back soon <3

(All photos from my lovely cousin Ava)


  1. I love your lace top over the button down! It looks so cute!


  2. That flower crown is gorgeous. As well as your pompom necktie! Loves it.

    1. ehehe! Thank youuuuuuu :)
      I love that pom-pom thing too.

  3. I love your pom-pom neck tie, so cool!! Love the lace over the shirt too!!