Saturday, December 1, 2012


My friend and I hung out and did another photo-shoot in the make-shift studio we set up in her garage. This time we centered it around weird makeup. I'm really pleased with how the photos turned out. I especially love the "you wish" on my eyelids. It was inspired by Cher's "As if!" in Clueless and the girl in Indiana Jones who had "I love you" written on her eyelids.
I don't know what to say right now. Words aren't quite entering my brain in the manner that I would like them to.
New things in my life: I cleaned up my room and am in the process of making it beautiful and not as boring as it is now. I'm starting to make shrines because my shelves are actually PERFECT for shrines, and I think I'll put a couple more shelves on my wall for more shrines. I got rid of a ton of jewelry and craft stuff, and got a cactus in a can and made those candles in jars and two in these gorgeous little tea cups. I dunno, I'm excited also because my birthday's coming up and there are definitely some room things I could use right now. GAHK. I'm just super excited about it all. Also Troubadours is starting to happen (I have my first gig on wednesday) and I've gotten so much better at singing this year which makes me feel way more confident and I know all of the songs that we sing so well and so I'm super excited instead of being nervous.
I'm just generally in a really good place right now, even though school sort of sucks, all my friends are super awesome and I've been hanging out with them a lot more, and I'm making a lot of new friends, which is cool. I dunno, overall this year is turning out to be a lot better than it started. And Christmas time is actually just my favourite time of the year. I cannot express how in love I am with Christmas and just December in general (and not just because it's both my birthday and Christmas), it's just SUCH a good month. I dunno. Maybe I'm just kind of ready for some cold weather after so much hot weather. I have so many sweaters.
But I'm rambling, I'm gonna go for now, but I gained like 10 followers in the last few days so.. HEY GUYS THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BESTEST EVER. (also sorry, I always check out the blogs of people who follow me, but that was SO MANY (ten...) at one time, I'll try to get to all of you though and comment or look at it or whatever <3)

Madeline and I liked all this really weird make-up we'd seen around the interwebs so we decided to try and duplicate some and try our own crazy make-up stuff. Anyway, here's some pictures of the inspiration. (Unfortunately we couldn't get any temporary tattoos, but I asked for some for my birthday, so hopefully pictures will come soon)
 Tunnel Vision Lookbook "In A White Room"
Dixie Leota
Alexa Chung halloween at the Tribeca Grand
 Tunnel Vision Lookbook "In A White Room"

Source Unknown.
Source Unknown. (I think it's from a runway show)
Drawing by Kendra

And last, and not least at all, probably best. Sarah of Nifty Thrifts featured me in her "Bloggers of the Month" for November and I literally love her to death for it. She's the best. Here's a screenshot of what she said. I cannot take how nice it is. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside. gaajlskdjlwirawejra. So much love. 


  1. Baaah these photos are AWESOME. Dreamy makeup, grrrl. I love it ^_^

  2. You are so perfect.

    This makeup is pure awesomeness, your friends must be so cool. Excellent inspiration, I love the Alexa Chung one:) congratulations on the bloggers of the month thingymabob!!!!!! You are extremely awesome. Also, where did you get your tutu skirt? I really want one.


    1. My petticoat/tutu thing was from my grandma! She used to wear it and I found it in her attic and she said I could have cousin also has one that she got at a flea market or something, but you can get them a lot of places. American Apparel sells them (There's are expensive but REALLY soft) and you can get them at a Halloween store (like Spirit Halloween) in October.

  3. I feel exactly the same like Sarah. You are just so perfect! Such a fantastic blogger and such a rad girl! I am living for your blog!!

    Your inspiration is great and you are incredibly pretty and those pictures are WOOAHHMAZING! <3

  4. This is great, you did a good job with the make-up! I'm not good at interesting make-up :(

  5. Wow, these are wicked!
    Lovely blog x

    # ❁ teen dreams...
    Musings of an indecisive cat lady.

  6. I like the inspiration you used, I especially like the use of the stick on eyes and the eye drawn on the forehead. All-seeing :)

  7. this inspired me to draw a picture. it is a bit out of proportion, but oh well. if you want a look its on my blog:)

  8. Your pictures always look like stills from some beautiful movie <333

  9. Amazing!!

    The 'you wish' eye makeup IS from a runway show-- Tao Kurihara (for Comme des Garcons)!