Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Califonia Livin'

Again, it's been far too long since I last posted. EEK! I'm a second semester junior, what can I do?? SO. MUCH. WORK. on the bright side, I'm feeling very encouraged and excited about college after taking a practice ACT/meeting with my schools college counselor. So. YAY. 
However, the price is exhaustion. BUT today I had literally one thing to do for homework, and instead of getting ahead in what will be due on Friday, I'm going to do nothing of that matter and focus on CREATIVE ENDEAVOURS FINNNALLLYYY. 

Here are some pictures my dad took on Sunday. 
I'm loving the California weather, and even though I'm a T33N WITCH GRRL, I live in California and the DOOM & GLOOM of Witchy-ness, just sometimes isn't possible in the 70 degree weather in the middle of March. 

Things: I'm in love with this shirt, which I realized I haven't actually pictured yet (GASP) that I bought from Hollie's Etsy a few months ago, which I have been wearing, like, every time it gets out of the wash. I'm pretty sure it has not yet been put in my drawers since I basically take it out of the laundry as soon as it's clean. Anyway, if you didn't guess... That's where my new blog title came from! I'm in love with this idea of Riot Grrls, Rookie Girls, Teen Feminists, etc. And I felt like the only way to properly express all these things in one title was TEEN WITCH. Sorry for the tumblr-esque 3's as E's but teen-witch and teenwitch were already taken, so...had to take what I could get. STILL! This is much more my style of a title. It goes way beter with how I feel, act, and believe than my previous one. 
I know it shouldn't be a big deal to change my title, but it sorta is. Not to get all annoying and analytical, but it symbolizes my changing person. So I still feel it's necessary to explain. 

ANYWAY: This outfit...I'm sorta loving it. I feel like I'm a Teen Witch on Vacation. Like I went to Australia, or like some tropical area. It feels so contradictory and out of place for a "TEEN WITCH" to be in the tropics. I dig it. 
I got this Hawaiian-shirt-fabric skort at thrift town this weekend. It's by far my favourite purchase of late: definitely worth the $3 I paid for it. It's so beautiful and just 80's and ugh. Skorts. 
ALSO. My earrings are SO awesome. My friend gave them to me for Christmas and it's two halves of a Kangaroo plastic animal. The front is in one ear and the back is in the other. She gave me the best Christmas present: these earrings, a Frida Kahlo calendar and the skirt that I made for her in 7th grade (it's not really her style anymore and is TOTALLY my style so I asked for it...haha) (augh I am the worst friend since I STILL haven't gotten her a present...) 

Jean Jacket: White Elephant Sale/Teen Witch Shirt: Hollie's Etsy/Choker: found from my typical 90's childhood/Skort: Thrift Town/Belt: Thrift Town/Clips: Target/Earrings: craft faire/Bracelet: White Elephant Sale/Shoes: Converse

Sorry for ranting so much.
I get excited


  1. I love the new title!! It totally does feel like a big deal, a huge one, that's how I'm feeling about changing mine. Your outfit and these vibes are SO RAD <3 you're the coolest. Love you.


    1. EEK! i love you tooooooooooo!
      YAY thank you! ack this comment is so nice :)

  2. beachy witch vibes are the best witch vibes! I love when things that seem kind of opposing go together so well. I also love your outfit!

  3. I love your style so so so much. Your photographs are amazing too....I could trawl through your blog all day (I think I just might) :) xx