Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flower Power

It's been FOREVER since I last posted! Eeeeek. I'm so sorry.
[insert the usual paragraph of excuses]
Anyway, here's a little life update for y'alls. I went the the White Elephant Sale and got a bunch of craft supplies and awesome stuff, I then babysat and got money and bought more stuff for my room, and yeah. Last week I finally had time and actually got around to making a shrine in my room! EEk. anyway, I'm EXHAUSTED from getting five hours of sleep last night and words are not coming to me as they should, so I will leave you with some pictures:
My newest flower crown! (hopefully pictured soon)
Made a new thing for my light switch
My wall
Cool part of my wall (I embroidered that Frida Kahlo patch on my own.)
Another part of my wall with a little cactus, post card, Polaroids, tarot card, and old pictures
CACTUS CANDLES?!?! what is this strange beauty. YEAH, I KNOW
I made a collage on the sides of my shrine with screencaps from Moonrise Kingdom, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Simpsons, some pictures I took and some random stuff from tumblr
Went to Michaels and bought glitter for $0.99. Also Star candles from someone's birthday at my grandparents house this summer. 
Awesome cup (which I made into a candle) and a vintage necklace. (also yes, that is a little plastic baby coming out of the rose in the background)
GUYS! I'm learning guitar. It's so exciting. I can play Sea of Love by Cat Power (okay, I know that's not that impressive) and You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. (I'm also learning Blackberry Stone, but it's pretty difficult to play and I'm struggling...)
Another photo of my shrine
A journal entry inspired by the below video:

Another journal entry (first in the journal!)
Using an old pictures from this shoot
Cover-page for March
Picture of me I originally took for art class, but didn't end up using over a negative (changed in photoshop) nebula. 
Stay awesome babes,


  1. Ahhh your room and collages/art/journaling is amaziiinnnnggg 'scuse me while I weep
    <3 <3 <3
    I also love that video.
    Also I'm really inspired to spruce up my boring room now.
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Ah I love love LOVE Ingrid Michaelson! I'm completely useless on the guitar though. I absolutely love this entire post top to bottom!!

  3. Okayokayokay. Maya you are like the most creative person EVER and I love your room and your light switch and your Frida embroidery! I think it's awesome that you like Cat Power too, I play her songs on the ukulele! Love your blog so much and you're really awesome.

  4. i loooove everything. and i need that crystal necklace in my life, where is it from? ALSO OMG MAKE PATCHES FOR ME BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SO SO COOL <3

  5. i genuinely can't get over how perfect your room is and how perfect your blog is and how perfect you are and how i need your room gahhahahahhahhhhhh. ALSO THAT FRIDA EMBROIDERY. I love Cat Power too <3
    do you want to do a package swap sort of thing??