Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The livin' is easy

Hey guyssss,

I don't have a real post for you yet, but I figured before I leave for Europe I wanted to leave you with a little insight into what I've been doing with my life lately.

1.) I got an instagram! I've been posting sort of an insane amount...

Just a warning it's not all pretty pictures, there's also a lot of photos of me and my friends so just warning you if you don't wanna see that stuff.

2.) I finished my journal!
You guys remember this puppy, right?
well, I've filled every last page, just in time for summer!
Here are a few of my favourites from throughout the year:
 Left is the cover page for may with a disposable camera picture of my shrine that my printer printed out weird cuz it ran out of ink, with a weird and angsty play list I called "May Queen" written on top
Right is a bunch of doodles I did in my journal much more recently. Also BUTTS. 
 From the day I tried to watch Across The Universe and my disc had a scratch so I could only watch to "Because" and then I cried because I needed to see the end. 
 Left is an angry list of things that made sense when I was really upset
Right is from the day after the opening of the A Capella review when I lost my voice and wanted to kill
 A terribly scanned watercolour I did of Hollie
 Collage of some rad Meadham Kirchhoff designs
 Paul Rudd from Clueless (AKA the love of my life)
 Left is a picture of me from my solo in the A Capella review (which, btw is anything but A Capella, idk why it's called that; it's just the name of my choir class)
Right is a picture of my grandma when she was younger that I made a background for and a spiky gold halo out of toothpicks

 Another terribly scanned watercolour of what is supposed to be Tavi Gevinson but looks kind of like a frog.
The pictures printed out all weird cuz my printer was out of ink and then I wrote a playlist in the witches. 

3.) I started my new journal!
First page of my journal with some summer inspo!
Left is a coloured pencil drawing of Natalie. I took the photo I drew this from specifically because I knew I wanted to make it into an art piece. Her face has so many colours, it's awesome.  
Right is an acrylic painting on top of a photo of Hollie (I seem obsessed with her with how much I paint her, but I just like that she has so many colours in her face. Which is also why I like drawing Natalie. Here is the photo of Hollie I painted on top of.)
I screencapped a bunch of parts from The Graduate after I saw it at the Paramount with Natalie and Anna and Claire and Miranda for $5.00
 Some Girls lyrics and some eight year old pressed flowers that I found in my flower press in my craft box. 

4.) I'm now a contributor for The Pulp Zine!!!
I actually flipped out when I got a response to my "application" (AKA sending in my blog link and praying) and I'm super excited for this month! All the pulp girls are so so amazing and talented and I feel so luck to be a part of it all!
For my first post, I took and edited some photos of Leslie for the theme of the month "Sick" which I am SO excited to share! They go up on July 8th so look out for that here!

5.) My school did a "Who Needs Feminism" campaign and got amazing results!!! I'm so so so proud to have over 100 photos of people who need feminism in our community.
Remembering middle school assembly's where the principal literally told us that wearing certain clothes would "distract the boys" and "make our male teachers uncomfortable", here's what I said:

7.) Google Reader is going away tomorrow I think :'(((((
I really don't want to lose all you guys, so you should take five minutes and sign up for bloglovin', chances are I'm not the only blog you follow, and if you wanna keep up with all your blogs the best way is to start a Bloglovin' account. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I think that's all for now, but I have an idea of a summer-y photoshoot I'd like to do before I leave so keep an eye out for that, also don't forget to check out The Pulp Zine on July 8th. Also you should look at it every day cuz it's so so rad and all the contributors are super awesome.

**EDIT: My post got published on the 6th actually! I think I wrote it down wrong...oops! Anyway, LOOK AT IT HERE!! I'm so exciitteeeddddddddd! Click on the pictures to see them bigger. <3 <3 <3**


  1. Love your journal. And your paint are really beautiful, especially the second one of Hollie. Have a lovely summer ^^

    1. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you would like to do it, here you will find everything

      ps. Europe where? I hope you'll visit my Italy!

  2. I love your old journal pages and your new one too. Your instagram pics are great and your Tavi watercolour definitely doesn't look like a frog! Oh and congrats on becoming a pulp zine contributor!


  3. Your journal is soooooooooooooooooo amazing holy shit I wish I were as artistic as you! Your watercolours are gorgeous and just

  4. Journals are seriously the best :') congratulations on finishing yours and starting another! <3 great post

  5. Wow.. Your journal is so creative and pretty. It's like looking into somebody's mind and then getting a whole new insight on the world!

    Really well done!
    -The Tulip Girl

  6. you have such a cool blog. I love it xxx

  7. Your journal is soOoOo incredible! I am absolutely in love with everything you do/make. Your paintings of Natalie and Hollie are wonderful!!! Soo amazing. I'm totally gushing now I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH (also wow, super proud that my photo is in your summer inspo page).