Sunday, July 28, 2013

Being a Babe in Other Countries (I thought "Maya's Travels" was too boring)

Hello there!!! 
I've been absent for far too long, though I did warn you this would happen. Oh my god, I've been having the most amazing trip in Europe! I'm actually still currently in Italy, but I decided to try this iPad app for posting something because I needed to post something before I got home. I edited these all on my moms ipad/my phone and I have no idea if this will work or not, but hopefully it will :) 

So far in Europe I've been to Vienna, Copenhagen, London, Lecce, and Rome. (Aka Austria, Denmark, England, and Italy) I've used up two disposable cameras, met up with some blogger friends (I'm going to make a separate post all about this once I develop my disposies), written pages and pages in my journal, ripped down some posters, met a million really cool people, WENT TO THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR, swam in the ocean in three different countries, and publicly cried in a restaurant. I think this has been a successful trip so far. I narrowed the pictures I had down to some of my favorites for the time being as sort of a preview to my future posts when I get home :))))))) 
This is from Denmark, we went to see the little mermaid and the the little merman and went to a castle. There were chalk drawings and a price of chalk so I drew a butt. 
This is from the same day at the castle, I've worn this outfit approximately one billion and one times but 
Also the cactuses at the Bottom are ones I painted. I'll post pictures when I get home. (They're will be a journal post in your future, get pumped (or not))  
In which I'm trying to do my normal aka "really crabby" face and my brothers made me laugh so I flipped them off in front of cactus plants. 
All the Umbridge stuff reminded me of Hollie. 
Room goals??
My dad took this photo I  think, but it was a delicious merengue with whip cream and strawberries that our English friends made for us. I drew some strawberries in my journal and collaged them around this. 
The clouds as we flew from Vienna to Denmark. I took approximately 109 (that is a random number I just chose) photos of the clouds. I'm pretty sure the people on the plane thought I was from a place where there were no clouds because I seemed so shocked that clouds could be a thing (I was). 
Me wearing my new dress on a train in Denmark. The background image is one of the 307 (again, this is a random number) cloud photos I took 
One of my more feeble edits lol. Get ready to see LOTS of shoe pictures cuz I took, I think, 564 (I think you know what this means) 
Me being cute in a fountain in Lecce. The background are the sheets my mom's friend had at her house that I am now on a mission to find because they're perfect????
SO MANY PRETTY COOUDS. This was from the car driving to Rome. Look at those sun rays <3
Miniature of the Harry potter castle. Look for my tears on this spot. I pretty much died multiple times when I saw all this.
Night time #shenanigans (aka being moody and eating pizza and hangin with da fam) 
Me being moody and my brother being blurry. I made him take this picture. He would probably want me to say he thought/thinks it looks stupid. I think it looks rad AF so I'm going with it. 

Ahhhh! I can't wait to post more soon <3


  1. yayy travelling!
    i've been to vienna this winter and it was awesome, i saw so many great art pieces~
    and today i'm leaving to brussels~
    your photos are awesome - i see you had a great time!

    [weirdoland -]

  2. These are amazing! The fountain one is stunning, you are so photogenic it's unreal! <3 xx


  4. I'm italian, so when someone is in Italy I get so excited, don't know why. Anyway, I hope you had a great time in my messy country!!

  5. wow this looks all so great! I envy you! :)
    your pictures are all so beautiful and i can't wait to see your disposable pictures!

  6. Great photos, I'm insanely jealous! Although I'm moving to Italy next year so I guess I'll be travelling soon!

  7. OMG these are incredible photos!!!! It looks like you have had a brilliant time :)) Getting your postcard made me so happy!!
    I especially like the one of you on the train, and of course everything with a cactus cuz CACTI.
    You rule <3333
    Eryn xxx