Thursday, September 12, 2013

***BAK 2 SKOOL***

Ah! I'm back to school for a few weeks now.
Apart from stress, tests, and homework, school has actually been really fun. It's forced me to actually dress in a way that's not like, sweats and a t-shirt and I just feel really awesome lately. Especially since my tattoo chokers came from Cobra Snake and I can finally dress like a true ~*90's Queen*~
School has been okay so far. I haven't had nearly as much homework as I had last year, mostly just keeping up with my AP art Concentration and COLLEGE APPLICATIONS (holy shit I'm, like, almost an adult and shit AHHHHH).
So basically just as much stress as before, just in different ways. At least I've been spending most of my free time with stuff I love--like art. I can't wait to show my art concentration! We just had to turn in our first of twelve pieces today and I actually finished it almost exactly on time! (I have one small thing left to do) so that feels really good.
I'm gonna do an AUTUMN INSPO post soon including like SKOOL INSPO too. EEk. I hope you are all doing well
(look at how soon after my last post I am posting!!) (I hope this is a good year)


Source Unknown
Source Unknown 
 Moon Magic Zine (Lotte is soo gr8) 
 Source Unknown
 At Rest, 2011 Emma Kisiel 
 Tokyo Fashion (source)
 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999
 My friend Leslie gave me this pin and I died a little cuz it's perf. 
<3 <3


  1. It's funny that you're starting school, but for me there's only a week left of it until the holidays!!! Growing up seems so stressful oh gosh I just want to hide away in my room and draw forever.

  2. You look rad as heck as always!!! I can't handle ur cuteness omfg

  3. Your eyes <3 loving that hamburger t, so lovely
    nice blog


  4. ooooooo maya you are so cute I love your style so much eeee!