Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summertime Sadness

With the school year starting for most people, I figure it's a good time to make a really summer-y post. This is a group of photos I took of my friends a week or so before school started when we went up to Tahoe for the weekend. These make me so nostalgic for summer (even though I've only been in school for like two weeks) I miss biking and swimming and jumping off of poles into the water, and eating ice cream. All the exercise I enjoy is summer exercise. I am preparing for the impending doom of winter constantly sitting on my butt doing nothing. Though I actually am getting pretty excited for Autumn. Just so I can layer clothes and not sweat and die of heat and what not. Eryn's most recent post is making me really excited for just sitting inside when its raining out wearing a sweater and drinking hot chocolate and doodling in my journal. Since I did this post on TPZ I've been realizing how much I love journaling so I've been trying to do it more. I'll have a journal post up soon (including but not limited to what I posted on The Pulp Zine.)
I was going for a sort of eerie quality with these photos, with the sort of contast-y shadows and stuff. Idk if it came across or not but hopefully it did.

I hope you're all having a lovely beginning of the school year, or if you haven't started yet, a lovely end to your summer :)
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  1. beautiful photos once again!! you and your friends are all so gorgeous and lying in that grass looks heavenly <3

  2. i love tiny flowers in your hair <3
    summer's ending, but the autumn is pretty inspirating too!

    weirdoland -

  3. gorgeous photos, I love the colours of the dresses x

  4. oh Maya these are all so gorgeous I love the ones with daisies!

  5. THESE ARE SO CUTE OMG. and I'm glad I made you excited for little Autumn things; I'm ready to be cozy with hot chocolate and a sketchbook while it's raining, too (if only we could do that together in our ~dream apartment~. soMEDAY)