Monday, November 3, 2014

Life Life Life

Some stuff I've been up to lately!!! Not really much, but I finished my journal and started a new one, made a post for TPZ, also cut off my hair and got my nose pierced! Idk, here are some photos :)
I finished my last journal!
I got a twitter @mayagoooo !
Zach and I were Tina and Jimmy Jr. for Halloween!
Did a post for The Pulp Zine with Natalie
some questions I answered on my tumblr
I got my nose pierced!!!//Art project I did for school
Another project I did for school, which I dressed exactly like unintentionally//"dress like the art you want to make"
Left: Possibl header I made for TPZ//Right: Block print thing I made of myself crying
my short hair!! I cut it all off :)
More from my "Filthy" shoot
I made this "titty tee" 
Documentation of my trip to Boston to visit Zach
New journal pages
How the sky looked after school the other day



  1. <3 you are my sketchbook hero tbh <3


  2. your hair looks so lovely that length!!! i love looking through your journal pages, they're a great motivation for me to add more to my sketchbook/journal for uni


  3. i am a big fan of your journal scana! they are amazingly great! wish I had the patience to update mine as often and make it so cute!! do you usually use magazine cutouts or do you also sometimes print out images that catch your eye? can't wait for your next post!