Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October AF

It's October!
...Okay, so it's actually November, but these outfits were from October. And they are SO October, you know? Idk black and white or all black is like ~the look~ for October. Spooky af. 
So it's fall! Fall where I live means crisp-er weather, but not necessarily cold yet/ever. Usually it's cold and foggy in the morning and then warms up in the afternoon. This means LAYERS. 
Autumn has some aHMAZing clothes, and I've gathered some of my favourite inspiration for the ~October feels~. ((Also, because where I live doesn't really get cold, my autumnal inspiration is not the same as maybe would be presented by someone on the East Coast (just as a warning haha))). SO, ~October feels~: Dark clothes, a lot of "crisp" clothes (to mimic the crisp fall air amirite), loose fitting/oversized outerwear, layers, translucent or transparent tops (or even bottoms...stay tuned), especially allowing a peek of pretty bralettes (*heart eyes emoji*), bralettes in general, hand doodled on button ups, "menswear" as "womenswear" (quotes because the idea that there is such a thing as menswear and womenswear is a stupid social construct), mono-crome or mono-patterned outfits, and baseball caps. 
This sweater is sparkly!

I made this shirt! Well, I drew all the boobs on it. I made it for my boyfriend, but this is a photo of me wearing it in a gr8 outfit tbh. 

Rian Phinn (I love her)
Left: (Source)//Right: (Source)
More Rian (Source)
 Left: (Source)//Right: (Source)
 Left: (Source)//Right: One of my BFF's. Her fashion blog with her friends at school (Here)
Left: (Source) (buy this for me for my birthday)//Right: FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson in Toronto on Nov. 3, 2014
Left: (Source)//Right: (Source) from BlackFashion

Left: (Source) //Right: Alice Mccall SS 2015
These see through shirts are high on my "To Do This Fall" list. Maybe I'll make one in my sewing class??
Hope you all had a lovely October!!



  1. Love the All Black Everything
    That jumper looks so warm

    The boob shirt is perfection, I would buy that. Perfection


  2. you are so so perfect ah i can't wait to meet again next time we are in the same country hehe
    this post is heaven as always <3

  3. QUEEN.
    Totally on your wavelength with all of the autumnal vibes. All of this inspo is perffffffect.
    love you xoxo