Tuesday, December 2, 2014

drive thru see thru


Hello lovelies!
I'm posting so soon after my last post?! I know..it's shocking. I also have another post coming up very soon. And another one half formulated in my head...so...PRODUCTION IS HAPPENING FINALLY. I think this is probably mostly because having people home makes me take a lot of photos, and because of Thanksgiving a lot of my friends are home.  I actually had a really nice Thanksgiving (despite the fact that obviously I do not support where the holiday came from, my family celebrates it). My mom had a big dinner at our house (which we never do) and made a million dishes of amazing food and deserts (most of which we are still eating for leftovers, so...score!?) 
Now we're beginning the holiday season that I absolutely LOVE: CHRSITMAS & MY BIRTHDAY!?!>!>!>!>!??!??!?!? I am excited for aproximately 387,876,584,093 reasons. 1. my friends are coming home!!!! 2. I love buying people gifts, especially when I have ideas for them!!  3. shopping a lot for gifts/myself 4. colder weather and cute people layering 4. cozy things like hot cocoa or hot mochas 5. I love peppermint bark 6. also all chocolate 7. MOST OBVIOUSLY MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm a big birthday person. I just love my birthday. I don't know why because I don't do anything that fun or crazy. I guess I just love the attention. (no surprises there)
As I was talking about in my October AF post, I've been really into sheer stuff lately. Ever since I found this striped American Apparel bralette literally on the ground (??), I've been obsessed with wearing sheer stuff over it. I only have four photos of the outfit I wore, all of which I've turned into artistic gifs (which I absolutely love tbh??), but I've fleshed this post out with photos of new clothes and journal pages etc. 
Left: journal entry/drawing thing that I did before my sewing class. It happened to match the cutting mat I was drawing on!//Right: A photo I took for this The Pulp Zine post about new clothes. I paired my new clothes with a journal entry I'd done that happened to match them. (I have gingivitis (tmi??), hence the bloody gums in the drawing) 
Left: Another photo for that same post:obsessed with the cut of this new dress//Right: A photocollage I did two summers ago when I was in Europe. Background is a photo of the coolest fitted sheet ever, feet photos are of my feet, mosaic/broken plates thing is from wrapping paper my grandma designed, strawberries are from our English friends' garden, and the main photo is a painting I did over photo of Hollie
This one seriously took forever. Getting it to be a loop took a lot of tries haha....
Left: a selfie from when I did my makeup to look like I was cold from snow and added freckles to be adorable//Right: the same TPZ post as the above two
Left: Photoshop collage from a good day when Zach and I hung out//Right: In progress journal page AKA me cutting out a lot of butterflies

This is another photocollage from over the summer when I was in Europe. I just found them in a folder on my computer and rememnbered how cool they were. These aren't done in photoshop, I made them on my phone/my dad's ipad when we didn't have any Wifi or cell service and I got bored. These are all photos from my phone; the background is from when we went to see the William Morris exibit, the cactuses are a watercolour I did in Italy, the strawberries are from our English friends garden, and The drawing of the girl is something I did right before I left of my friend Natalie. 
This is my new header! About time; my TEEN WITCH header has been up far past the time I changed my blog URL. 

Hope you're all having a lovely week--if you're heading into finals week, stay healthy, get enough sleep, love you all, sending good vibes your way <3 <3 

If you're interested in my last post and are wondering about what's going on in Ferguson, I URGE you to keep paying attention, keep reading news (from all sides), keep looking rumours that you hear up to decide if they are true. I'm also updating a decent amount on my tumblr. And plenty of other people are staying woke as well; check out anyone I reblog Ferguson posts from, and you can see their posts as well. For those of you that don't have a tumblr, I'll be reblogging (posting) updates under my #staywoke tag, which I have not started yet, but will be here

Lastly, I just saw this post today, which I thought was really incredible. Definitely watch it if you have a minute.