Friday, January 16, 2015


~Aesthetics~ and colour schemes that go together have been on my mind lately since I applied for this journal club thing and was asked to describe my aesthetic. Which was hard, because I have like 100 different aesthetics. To show my different aesthetics I photographed my journals from 2015 with other pages that work together.
The other photos shown are from my trip to Santa Cruz with my cousin to visit my aunt. My aunt's house is pretty much my dream house. The colour schemes, the random tchotchke, the art everywhere...I could go on. I felt so "basic" taking food photos, but even the meals looked gorgeous! This inspired me to take these first two photos of a breakfast my mom made me the other day which was beautiful and so like ~morning aesthetic~.
Lise's kitchen 
Some of Lise's drawings
Shadows from the Santa Cruz beach at night
Lise's studio
Left: dinner//Right: breakfast
More of Lise's art
Me, Ava, and my Aunt's drawings from our art session
Drawing I did of Ava
My orchid drawings


  1. Your aesthetics are amazing, so much inspiration in this post (and hello that breakfast looked fab). Your art!!! the portrait of your friend in ink is so simple, yet so expressive, you are very talented xxx


  2. your journals and aesthetic are so beautiful, you have a real skill at finding connections between your world and your art. Lisse's art looks incredible too, a real Matisse vibe

  3. Maya omg your journals make me so happy! These are super nice and I hope someday a museum curator pays a lot of money for your journals or at least one of them to be on display that would be so amazing!

  4. Such an inspiring post. I love your journals!

  5. Your journals are so beautiful! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, here's the link: :)