Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This Year in Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! okay, I know it's a few days after new years. okay I know it's over a week after new years, but I wanted to do a year in review, and I've been collecting images and making these collages for a while so...sorry. 

A lot happened this year! I graduated from High School, fell in love, went through my freshman semester of college, and, like, so much more! I thought I would go month by month and sort of talk about what's happened, showing journal entries that show my emotions through these months, with outfits too. 
January was a tough month (as the journal entries show..), but I did finish applying to college! Parson's was my last one and this was my last drawing (me on the toilet). I did three drawings--all based on the bathroom as sort of a safe alone time. This one is me blogging on the toilet, the other two are me crying in the bathtub and me dancing to my toothbrush, which played One Direction as I brushed. The embroidery quote is also from a college essay I wrote about why I like to journal.
February I got accepted to colleges, died the bottom of my hair turquoise. I also started this tiny white moleskine. The was so few pages and so small it felt almost like a mini zine, and I've been thinking about making it into a zine actually.
March! I finished this mini moleskine, anddddd got together with Zach, my boyfriend! This was a really, really good month for me (as you can see from my journal entries). I saw the Grand Budapest Hotel (my new favourite movie), took everything off my walls and ~started fresh~. 
May was PROM, had an A Capella show, and saw the Georgia O'keefe show (and cried). I was (and am) SO IN LOVE this month, PROM was exciting and fun and I got to dress up and I got my hair done (which I've never done before), and looked AMAZING tbh. 
June I graduated high school!!! I finished all my classes with good grades. I was excited and SO SAD to graduate. On the one hand, I was so excited to be going to art school, but I was upset to have all the amazing friends and boyfriend I had in highschool leave and go across the country. I was also not excited to live at home--I was ready to move out. I tried to prepare myself for the next few months. 
JULY! SUMMER! My family roadtripped to Yellowstone, and I went back to my childhood home for the first time in three years. Again, more preparation here for being alone shown in my journal entries. I also went to Inverness with my 4 best friends and hiked, hung out, ate delicious brie, hottubbed and had a great fuckin time. My brother and I had our annual Harry Potter marathon, where we watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row (19 hour marathon), and I started my summer camp counselor job.
This was the month I said goodbyes to my friends, Zach, and all semblances of the life I knew. I had my orientation for college, and realized everyone already knew each other from the dorms and making friends would be a lot harder than I had thought. I went to Tahoe with two of my best friends, and felt nostalgic for middle school and the beginning of high school.  
September was ROUGH. All my friends and my boyfriend were gone, I was having a hard time making friends, and thus feeling really alone. Not to mention, my boyfriend was having a really hard time in college, and being so far away with the time change, it was really hard for me to be there for him. On the upside, I had some DAMN good looks. 
October was much better, on the 10th I went to go visit Zach! The days before that I was so excited the hours SCRAPED BY. We went to the aquarium, and the MFA (which was made even more amazing because of all the ancient art they had, which I had just learned about in art history) I saw Kehinde Wiley (my favourite artist!!) and Chuck Close's art, which were SO cool to see up close and in so much detail. When I got home, Natalie was visiting for her October break and we went to OMCA, I got my nose pierced, cut my hair for the first time in YEARS. After that, Zach dropped out and came home.
November I spent a lot of time with Zach, drew a ton and went to classes. I also bought tickets to see Taylor Swift in the summer with the two friends I went to see her Fearless tour with in 7th grade! 
December was a great month. I felt really pretty on multiple occasions, finished my classes with all A's, made art I was proud of, my friends came back, my birthday happened, Christmas too, I got a lot of things I wanted and wore great things and took amazing selfies!
My journals from 2014! Thought I would share the best ones pages who's colour schemes look good together (more to come with this soon I think).

I hope you've all had a great year too!


  1. Maya, this is so beautiful!!!!! You are one of the most inspirational ladies I've come across online. I have been going through your blog lately and I was fascinated by each and every single post. I'm glad I've been along for as long as a year now and I've seen you grown and change so much. You are so wonderful <3 <3

    and this post has definitely inspired me to want to make better stuff this new year!

  2. Love this post so so much! It look like a great year, you have created so much good <3 I just need to point out how gorgeous you looked at your prom!! Hope the new year will be just as good or better xx

    Happy I found your blog!!

    // Ania,

  3. I love this post so so much, you are truly talented and your fashion choices never fail to inspire me.