Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Sprang???

Okay, so spring break was a little while ago, but I had some really cute pictures with my friends, and I wanted to do another sort of ~digital journaling~ thing. I had a really lovely spring break with my friends who were home for various parts of it. I did a lot less work than I should have, but it ended up being a very relaxing week because of that so...worth it? I'm not sure, maybe. It was incredibly warm just for that week too. As if the California air KNEW I was on spring break and wanted to enjoy the SUN!
I woke up "early" to go to the Farmer's Market with my parents, and had the BEST crepe of my entire life! Nutella and strawberries. My dad and I vowed to learn how to make them...
(we found it on the ground--a California poppy.)
Left: Claire's aesthetically laid out book, bag, and shoes (Natalie took this)
Right: A journal entry illustrating late night notes in my iPhone ("Running nose like from eating spicy food, but from crying)
Claire picked me up from school and it was such a nice day we decided to go to the beach to catch up
These are some lines from T.S. Elliots poem "The Wasteland", it reminded me of this place in the cemetery with broken cement and coffins (??)
That evening really felt just like summer. Also because I was seeing my lovely friends. 

Have you had spring break yet? Did you do anything fun? Know any good crepe recipes?? Lemme know 

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